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Welcome back ! In todays video we’re going to show you how to make healthy pancakes 😅 I mean, at least they’re healthy 🙈.

Don’t forget to watch till the end 🤪

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Video Transcription

hi guys welcome back to debate and a
mighty show and hey guys today we gonna
you have to shrink a little what is
first oh my god the first video on
YouTube is our thank you back to the
intro welcome again to our channel or my
girlfriend’s channel do you got a phone
we’re gonna make some pancakes healthy
pancakes like protein pancakes yeah
we’re gonna make protein pancakes oh
it’s actually a little bit healthy so
we’re gonna make pancakes not with flour
but it’s brinda we’re gonna also get not
cast in it peanut butter thing back ha
that sounded so terrible in that harder
to eggs we always take lexos free milk i
don’t know why but we just do why do we
do that make just free is better because
i don’t like like to lose its now go for
the belly for just um ik oh really
does it make me fat yes what do i need
to do first you put tuna
it’s enough yeah if it’s 200 is enough
yeah it’s 200 on the spot next thing is
good eggs in it both of them want enough
you can put Brenta in it how much you
can choose up to you all of it yes you
can put all of it JD’s like no it’s not
okay and then it’s cinnamon that’s good
you really like cinnamon oh my god the
cinnamon smells so nice I like this much
oh this is really much
II do it looks like that video have you
ever seen this video two girls home yeah
of course everyone started video I don’t
know the video never been to school we
have neighbors no put some put asunder
and just do it with your hands over the
back of the night maybe that neighbor
you’re crazy
I think they can still hear ya let me do
it yeah if you put it on the floor
they’re definitely gonna hear it so this
is a little mixture of these cool
I think the neighbors hate us so much
looks like shit doesn’t really look nice
it looks fake doesn’t take yes
ticking we can try you have nothing to
lose yeah our dinner we’re just gonna
use two of these and we’re gonna put our
little concoction in it
what is concussion just like the thing
that we just made or a little mix in
wood then we put our fiber thing at 9:00
it’s already yeah you can put in it’s
already hot enough maybe like take
pancakes so he can put it less at what
eight six stupid or what you fix it yeah
I can fix it
these do look nice very nice this one
bad but there’s no problem when we fail
we can do it again do it again and it
better or reset recipient right but it’s
good they taste nice righteous I think
your recipes just to you later shit in
here it’s not my fault man sweet I’m
gonna make one pancake this is a vis
saucer I thought this was gonna look so
satisfying it’s your whole against this
the before they’ll burn things at least
a skosh does it taste good and these we
have some nutrients in everybody yeah
because I was editing a YouTube video
and you just explore new things with me
these are the pancakes that I make if
you just want to come to our restaurant
it can get these really exclusive
pancakes or just like black and all
burnt till the core this is literally so
bad oh my god I think that shit oh my
I forgot that I had made the Ponce I
literally just wiped my forehead because
it felt so Gracie no it looks like dish
I think I’m actually just gonna take off
my makeup and my lashes Oh feels so much
better can we feel sexy right now
when can I hear me I look like a girl
am I not flourless I look flourless
right now right flourless
that’s your pancake I did not make that
yeah you did there was you I wasn’t
already it was a hurt oh I think one a
good one I can put it I really wanted
tie my hair brown again but then again I
also don’t want my hair to be brown
again I also want to be blond but this
blonde looks kind of shit so now I don’t
know what to do what are you doing do
you guys think this is shit this is my
shit right
we gotta try some cookies in the hole it
always good with cookies you cannot fail
how can you not fail because you can
choose how long you put them in the oven
like soft too hard if I want them hard
you came true this whole big this yeah
that’s good so I’m gonna make me flip oh
my god is this a bit of chocolate yeah I
can have this piece but not you you’re
disgusting you should just burp on my
cookie twerk it twerk it twerk it myself
look at this little bit okay you’re done
you can put them in the oven now your
didn’t gusting first children isono yeah
oh my god I just walked into your fart
and it smells like shit to me looks
satisfying alright yeah okay put them in
I know baby we are picking with the
cookies let’s hope they’re really okay
this kind of satisfaction please this
looks really good we’ll take one out for
trying look at business ladies and
gentlemen look at this this is food porn
I really take a medium well and
meanwhile my girlfriend is doing your
makeup off so she’ll come afterwards so
she can taste the cookies
no hmm Gaara healthy so my girlfriend
made the true here as she did her
skincare like you can see I pulled out a
pimple right here I don’t know if you
guys can see it but I still have a lot
of acne so we’re gonna taste the cookies
are you liar you tried one I can see
it’s gone
why did you lie to me how do you sleep
when you lied to me so you know you know
one really big advantage of having meals
is you can just take hot food it’s like
you’re close and they can bite it
I think you have stole corners – Graham
yeah maybe it’s a chocolate but I think
tomorrow if you let it rest in one night
it’s gonna be good as a snack you know
you don’t like it right absolutely
you know why she doesn’t like it because
she always eat fast food you know and
all this so this things are too healthy
for her it’s nice but like you said the
rest of it you’re way better than the
pancakes thank you sweetheart
especially damn sleep yeah never gonna
sleep because it’s actually so our video
was gonna be making healthy pancakes but
it turned out to making healthy cookies
yeah they’re still healthy and like we
just have to figure out how to make the
pancakes but at least it was like nice
you know the cookies taste nice and it’s
a better alternative than to go buy
yourself sneakers you know American
cookies yeah these are like healthy
American cookies oh my god okay so we
can name this video making healthy
American cookies or me and chip pancakes
shits pancakes turn into it
American cookies that was basically it
for this video we’re gonna do a proper
cooking video when we do our Taco
Tuesday because that’s like something we
can actually make yeah because you can
come you know so yeah
because we’ve never tried out this but
we can make like it’s ideas tacos body
stiffens okay guys thank you guys for
watching we hope to see you again on the
next video and what you want to say
something if you like this video please
don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up
and don’t forget to subscribe to my You
Tube channel down below and I hope I get
the honor of seeing you all in my next
video bye


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