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this video is basically just me trying to recreate a korean pancake recipe, because i am literally obsessed with them. i followed this recipe ( and it was actually really easy to follow, so defo check it out if you want to make it yourself.

…after you watch this to avoid my mistakes ehe.

anyways, hope you enjoy this video. make sure to subscribe for more!

163 For Evigt – Cherrie
Get You – Daniel Caesar

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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]this time we’re in the kitchenMatt belong I’m just in the kitchen whatyou’re the one in the kitchen and I’m inthe kitchen because since July andthat’s okay I’m not even lying I’m notlike I don’t know if I still have it butlanguage ‘life is teeth walk orsomethingI went to prove our between Mad Dog theKorean pop pancakes I think it’s calledyeahand right now we’re currently in January2020 as you can guess I still have yetto have one pancake again so I just saiditI’m stop waiting and I’m making myselflike I would go out and buy it but likewhere I live yeah so I’m when I got thenecessary ingredients and I have atutorial by y9ghe’s like it’s like Korean lady and shehas you know cream ice and bouncing tofollow her gone that was straight in thesource right those things first day wegotta make sure first step of cooking Ithink might have to hit this video alittle voiceover because I can’t film mymomma’s yelling in the back of onefirst things first we need to get ourvegetablesso she says we need green onion oh yeahoh yeahhezonia seungyeon and then instead ofsweet potato I’ll carry ityou got jalapeno he’ll appealthrough drought or famine naturaldisasters my baby is bent over for mekingdoms of fallen angels be callingnone of that could ever me[Music]oh this is do a happy meeting I knowthey say you can always add more well Idon’t believe in that because if thatwas true we wouldn’t have subtractiontherefore that’s just symptomatic slopeI don’t know what she said she put it onhigh she put on medium we’re gonna puton medium because it was good enough forGoldilocks is good enough for me[Music][Music][Music][Music]and I’ll take some time to live and isfull of you before head wines down[Music][Music]okay we are going to administer it tasteus I didn’t taste at all probably badhe’s hurting I made it a little bit Ihaven’t tasted it at allthings I want to say like pre tasting isthat things that I should have done Ishould have done small importancebecause it was really thick and I’m nota chef and once it yeah so like I don’treally whatever I just I should havedone tomorrow pieces so it would havebeen easier to flip yeah that’s all Ican think of so listing advice so as youguys can tell it doesn’t workyou lack good whose are put in theinsert clip I don’t know if you can hearme because I left the fan on but I hopehe can this she had a sauce but I don’tcare who sauce and when I had itoriginally I never put sauceit smells goodbut then like fried onions always motherit doesn’t taste bad like a news teamterrible I put a lot of oil like his oilI think another reason I should have letit down to our pieces so thatit was more evenlyprobably should have skipped out on thecourageso they’re a lot thickerand then the other vegetable I use andthey pick one who cooksokills my vibe wow this is really ominousI’d say my final review overon a 10 I would give myself 6because I feel like five is where it’sedible you know you can eat it and it’snot disgusting I give myself six becauseappearance-wiseit doesn’t look that appealing at leasttogether if I took out like the reallycrumbly bits I left like the big chunkybits I’m out a little okay it tastedgood like it didn’t taste the way it didat the restaurant but it was similar youknow like it was like a gist of thetaste you know like I would actuallycontinue to eat this I will continuethis yeah personally I just don’t thinkis that good like in terms of thestandards that I have like what a tenwould be this is not near that it’sreally big it’s too chunky I should havereally made it flat like I should havedone little by little like I keep sayingbecause I think I would have made iteasier to control the size I’m not goingto and if I make this again which Iwrite whoa I’m rocking a you scaredbecause the carrots are tootoo big I don’t think I put too muchanythingI didn’t feel like because it was therewere such a big chunks thatit was bound to like belike a view like this pleaseand going on that let me show youactually meeting but I know I’m sure youguyssee when I bumped right into a carriagedoing work everything else like mmmgive me my moneytell me what you think[Music]you[Music]

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