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The Ultimate Guide To Making Amazing Chicken Stock

Making chicken stock or any stock for that matter, is NOT about a recipe whatsoever. It’s all about the technique. You can make two completely different kinds of stock with almost the exact same ingredients and yet have them be totally different in flavor and appearance. Hence, white stock and brown stock. This guide is going to talk all about that, and I also decided to throw in a little bit on how to cut up a chicken and totally debone it’s thigh! So, let’s all start making homemade chicken stock more often, and let’s start that here.

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Ingredients you’ll need:
Brown Stock-
Chicken, beef, pork, or lamb bones (about 2-4# or 1-2 kg is a good start)
1 large carrot, rough chop
1 large onion (you can leave the skin on), rough chop
2 ribs celery, rough chop

White Stock-
Chicken, beef, pork, or lamb bones (although usually chicken)
1 large peeled onion, rough chopped
5 cloves garlic rough chopped
2 ribs celery, rough chopped
1 bay leaf

Don’t season your chicken stock with salt or pepper. This is something that’s overlooked quite often. Season whenever you use it in a recipe. The reason why is that if you season it nicely when it’s freshly made, then it will likely end up too salty if it gets reduced for a sauce or added to a soup, etc.

I also said 2-4 hours on the stock, then said 3-4 hours. It should be 2-4 hours… Just to clear up any potential confusion.

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Video Transcription

this is single-handedly one of the mostimportant and economical things that youcan make in your kitchen ever and mostpeople don’t know the best way to makeit but that’s why I’m here and that’swhy you’re here for it well I hope so[Music]now obviously you can make a bajillionkinds of soups with it several saucesyou can use it for braising liquid tobraise meats or vegetables or whateverit’s also fantastic to replace the waterwhen you’re cooking rice with chickenstock obviously since we’re on thesubject rice risotto when people arealways buying chicken stock from thestore and never make it at home I’mtelling you as volumes better to make itat home and making it at home is soincredibly cheap and insanely hands-offto me find the time and freeze itbecause you will think yourself thenhopefully you’ll thank me and subscribethanks now we’re gonna start with myfavorite way to make chicken stock whichi think will be the most applicable forpretty much any recipe which isessentially going to be a brown stockalthough Brown stocks are usually madewith beef you could totally make onewith chicken it’s it’s not illegalalright now first you gonna need somebones obviously I’m using chicken bonesbecause I personally like theversatility of chicken stock but you canuse any bones you want beef pork lambyou get the point now you can get themin a local butcher or you can get yourown from a whole chicken by breaking itdown yourself if you choose to breakdown your whole chicken here’s a rundownnow we’re gonna play with the chickennot yeah no we’re not gonna do thatthat’s that’s enough you must be lovingyet firm with your bird now this isreally easy to do it’s only gonna takeyou like five minutesoh and Fred after I say respect yourbird I did have made it do a back flipin all seriousness making stock out ofyour chickens bones is the ultimaterespect because you’re using every partof the animal now I’m gonna do thisquickly so first thing you want to do isget the legs out of your way just fornow cut that layer of skin that’sconnecting the legs to the breast justto the legslay flat but remain attached you canalso bend the legs back to keep themdown now if you bend the legs back evenfurther than you’ll reveal the jointthat you need to cut through in order toremove it I’m gonna slow this clip downso all you need to do is lift that legup and cutall the way down and then cut in betweenthat joint from the body and it shouldcome right off repeat that on both sidesand then remove the wings withessentially the same technique you’regonna kind of cut around the shoulderand then bend the wing behind it’s kindahard to see and cut in between thatjoint from the body and it should comeright off as well okay so now you’rejust left with the breast so these areintimidating but surprisingly easy soyou need to find that breastbone thatactually separates the two breasts it’sright down the middle you can actuallysee it here it’s like defined by almostlike a line and you’re gonna cutalongside that keeping your knifeagainst the bone like keep your knifeagainst the bone the entire time andjust keep cutting and scraping back andit should come right off and thereshould be little to no meat on the bonebecause you’ve kept your blade on thebone the entire time and you’re justgonna follow that all the way throughall the way down until the breast comesfree you might have to work it aroundsome spots due to the wishbone but it’snot so bad and you know if any piecesremain behind that’s okay becausethey’re gonna go in your stock anywayokay so your chickens separate and yougot the majority of your bones ready butwhat about the bones in the leg and thethigh so the cool thing about this cutis you can actually remove the bone fromthe leg and the thigh and leave it inone single piece now to do that you’regonna find where the bone is underneaththe meat and then you’re going to cutalong the bone just to reveal it we’renot taking it out yet and you’re gonnacut all the way down from one end of thethigh and then all the way down the legor the drumstick that’s what you want tocall it I don’t know okay so you can seethe bones are revealed really nicelyhere so now you’re gonna start with thethigh bone work your knife underneaththat thigh bone but don’t go all the waythrough you just are trying to get inbetween the bone and the meat and thenrun your knife under and cut itboom look at that comes right off it’sreally easy and then just use your bladeto scrape down the bone and kind ofremove excess meat that’ll that’ll stayattached if you scrape properly and thenrepeat the same process with the otherside now you kind of have a little bitof the bone still attached to the meatand that would be like the knuckle partof the bone just kind of Whittle yourknife around that to reveal it out ofthe meat and then cut through and youshould be able to cut it out whileleaving the whole piece of meat intactif you cut a little too deep you may endup cutting it in half if you do a no bigdeal but boom there’s the bone and justrepeat that with the other thigh now youhave all of your bones or you can justgo to the grocery store and get chickenbones if you be like that but it’s agood technique to learn if you want tolearn how to break down a chicken onceyou’ve got your bones place them on abaking rack on aa lined baking sheet and give them adrizzle of oil you know give them littlemassage too because they’ve had a longdaydon’t salt them coz the salt will drawup moisture then roast those bones at425 degrees Fahrenheit are 218 degreesCelsius for 40 to 45 minutes or untilnice deep brown now I probably wouldhave gone a little bit darker than thisbut I decided that my neighbors hadenjoyed enough of this song of my firealarms people then just transfer thosebones to an appropriately sized largepot I’m using this five quart pot thatyou guys make fun of all the timebecause it looks like I get it okay it’san old pot I like it I don’t want tothrow it away now before anyone asks agood starting off point would beanywhere from two to four pounds ofbones or one to two kilos now we’regonna make something called a mirepoixwhich is just gonna be one carrot that’ssliced into large pieces one peeledyellow onion that’s been you knowroughly chopped I’d like to cut mineinto eight some people like to cut theminto quarters and then two stalks ofcelery which have been roughly choppedthen add that entire mirepoix mixture toyour pot of bones and then simply addenough water to cover an inch above yourbones place that on your stove overmedium-high heat and bring that up to aboil and as soon as it comes up to aboil reduce it to a low simmer now whenit comes up to a simmer you’re probablygonna notice this foamy sort of likescum that rises to the top just take aspoon or ladle and kind of scrape thatoff and carefully remove any scum thatrises at the top as its simmering nowyou don’t want to rapidly boil thisbecause that’s gonna kind of affect thestock and make it a little too cloudyyou can if you want but I prefer to keepit at a lower simmer and then just kindof intermittently remove scum if itrises to the top eventually it’ll stopand then just let it simmer for anywherebetween two to four hours that’s it youdon’t need to have it on the stove forfifteen hours if you want to go reallylong you can but I personally havenoticed that a three to four hour timeline is actually pretty pretty good ohand I almost forgot during that simmeryou’re welcome to add any aromatics youwant you want to add some fresh thyme orparsley or black peppercorns feel freeto do so now once your stock is donesimmering simply take a spider orsomethingit’s a slotted spoon or something toremove the bones just take those bonesout and place them in a bowl on the sideto cool and then strain your stockthrough a fine mesh sieve or a chinoisand there you goyou have a brown chicken stock or anybone that you chose to use now asidefrom a brown stock there is a morespecialized stock me with virtually thesame ingredients yet it’s completelydifferent and that is the power oftechnique now the second morespecialized stock which is a little bitunderrated is a white stock so you’regonna start by covering those samechicken bones with cold water novegetables or anything and then bringthat up to a rapid boil now once itstarts rapid boiling let it boil forabout you know I don’t know if tenseconds not very long and then strainthem through a mesh strainer or colanderand then rinse them off with water nowwhat this is doing is its removing someof the impurities so that the stock is alittle lighter in color and is a littlemore lighter in flavor and place thoseblanch bones back in a pot covered withwater the same as before and this timeyou’re gonna add a mirepoixbut it’s gonna be something called awhite near POIs which is typically donewith onions celery parsnip whitemushrooms leeks or garlic or all of themI’m doing one onion rough chopped onestock of celery rough chopped and fivecloves of garlic rough chop with theaddition of a bay leaf and then justbring that up to a boil and then reduceto a light simmer and simmer it forthree to four hoursskimming any scum that rises to the topif it does and this is gonna result in amuch more delicately flavoredlighter-coloredstock and that is typically done withchicken bones but you can use otherbones if you wish so now you know thisisn’t just some recipe this is atechnique okay well it is technically arecipe but I’m not just gonna leave youwith that there’s just one more thing[Music][Music]alright guys and that is it chickenstock I’ve said it again and again inthis video probably way too many timesbut chicken stuff is so versatile andit’s the basis of so many things Ireally hope that you guys start makingit from home more often you can go andbuy a whole chicken roast it or whateveruse the bones later or it pains me tosee people throw those bones away whenthat when I know they can just put themin the back then you’ve got stock brohuge thank you to you guys who areconstantly supporting me I know thatthere are a lot of you who are longtimesupporters or well longtime consideringit’s only been a few months that I’vebeen doing this regularly but just wantto say a huge thank you to all of youand for everyone who’s being so kind andmaking little things that I am puttingout here and enjoying them just thankyou but anyway if you enjoyed this videoor you learned something leave a likesubscribe and I will see you next week[Music]

16 Replies to “The Ultimate Guide To Making Amazing Chicken Stock

  1. Two tips, 1. Always remove the wishbone before trying to take the breast off, you’ll get a better yield, and its quite a bit easier actually. 2. For faster, better, clearer, cleaner tasting stock… make it in the pressure cooker. One hour in the pressure cooker extracts more gelatin, than you can get cooking a stock for 24 hours on the stove top. Added bonus it produces almost consome clear stock.

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  3. Please consider to put the vegetables you’re going to use for the stock on the tray with the chicken as it goes into the oven. Then boil and simmer with the roasted vegetables alongside the chicken; it’s a lot more flavorful this way and It costs nothing since the oven is already going to roast the chicken anyway. For best results, put the vegetables by themselves in a tray just under the broiler. Give them a good run there, if something burns It’s fine, It’s all flavor. Your videos are cool, you keep them coming

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  6. Quick note for the brown stock guys: I mentioned peeling the onions, don’t peel them, because I didn’t, and I never do. I don’t know why I said that. Anyway, love you all.

  7. Joshua, You have to make a future episode using stock to make French Onion Soup… Please make that video.

  8. For anyone who wants to know a mirepoix is officially 2 parts onions to 1 part carrots and 1 part celery

  9. I had to come back and say that because of this video, I made about 20 cups of stock this week and my freezer is stocked with stock. I’m so happy!

  10. Unfortunately in this video, you discarded all the goodness that was left at the bottom of the tray instead of incorporating it to the stock

  11. I love that your pot is well used and well loved ♥️ People have forgotten that quality cookware can last a lifetime or two‍♀️

  12. If you are a college student and eat rotisserie chicken because its cheap and you can’t cook. Use the bones and leftovers for chicken stock so you can have gourmet instant ramen. bone apple teeth.

  13. This chicken looks nice and plump. Here in Germany I always buy old and out of duty laying hens (organic and animal friendly) for chicken stock. They are sold as so called “soup or stock chicken” together with some chicken necks and backbones. Not much meat on those. The old birds give the strongest Umami.

  14. Not a single person in the comments call you out on flipping the bird at us…I guess they’re too chicken

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