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The Ultimate Homemade Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken pot pie that will make you cry… Because it’s so good, and also really easy to make.

Cast Iron Skillet I used:

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Ingredients you’ll need:
1 whole roasted chicken (or rotisserie ugh)
2 cup (470ml) chicken stock
1/2 cup (11g )dried morels
1/4 cup (7g) chanterelles
2 bay leaves
2 yellow onions
1 large carrot
8 cloves garlic
3/4 cup (110g) cubed ham
1tbsp (4g) Thyme leaves, rough chopped
5 tablespoons (70g) unsalted butter
Salt and pepper to taste
1/2 cup (70g) all purpose flour
1 cup (235ml) milk
1 cups (235ml) heavy cream
10 oz (280g) bag frozen peas
Puff pastry enough to cover your pan

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Video Transcription

okay this is one of those things youeither see people making from the frozenfood aisle or if they do make it fromhome it’s suck so let’s make it notwe’re making a chicken potpie din it itholds a special place in my heart no wejust did chicken fried steak with my momoh I just spit at the camera bro it’svery rare that you find someone makingit from scratch I don’t know why but Ijust never see it so with the let’s setlet’s do thisshall we okay so to start things offyou’ll need cooked chicken sure you canuse a grocery-store rotisserie chickenbut we’re gonna roast our own for theFlex so to do that you’re gonna take awhole chicken and then using kitchenshears you’re going to remove the spineplace it open spine side down make thechicken shake it’s yams a little bitthat’s that’s disrespectful press on thebreast and snap the breast plate in halfso you have a nice flat little chickentuck the wings behind the head line abaking sheet with foil followed by awire rack place your chicken on top Patit super super super dry with papertowel coated lightly and oil give alittle rub now massage season generouslywith salt and pepper and roasted 425degrees Fahrenheit or 220 degreesCelsius for 30 to 45 minutes or untilgolden brown crispy skin and theinternal temp reaches 165 Fahrenheit nowbefore you do anything here’s a littletrick take all the skin off all thatquiz B skin let it cool a little bitplace it on a cutting board then finelychop it until you get these littlecrunchies like this place it in a cupset it to the side we’re gonna use thatlater then once the chickens cool enoughfor you to handle if it depends on ifyou have asbestos hands or not removeall the meat from the chicken shred itand mix it together the bones you cansay for stock for another time nowmaking the filling for the Popeyes supereasy so with a medium saucepan add 2cups or 470 milliliters of chicken stockbringing it up to a light boilimmediately shut off the heat add 1/2 acup or 11 grams of dried morel mushroomsand 1/4 cup or 7 grams of driedchanterelle mushrooms you can use anydried mushroom you want though and also2 bay leaves swirl it around cover themwith foil and let that rehydrate forabout 15 to 20 minutes don’t skip thisthere’s so much flavor involved here 1/3hydrated remove your bay leavessqueeze out all the liquid from themushrooms back into your broth save thatbroth take your ring down mushroomsrough chop your chanterelles slice yourmorels place thoseto the side in a medium sized pot justlook just enough olive oil to coat thebottom of the pot bring that up overmedium-high heat and then once very hotyou’re gonna add 3/4 of a cup or 110grams of cubed ham use the good stuffjust stir that a little bit until itgets nicely browned remove the ham fromthe pot reduce the temperature to mediumand on five tablespoons our 70 grams ofunsalted butter once that’s melted inthe butters bulan add two diced yellowonions 1 large carrot diced a close upgarlic thinly sliced in your choppedmushrooms season that with salt andpepper give a little stir cook that justuntil translucent to that you’re gonnaadd half a cup or 70 grams ofall-purpose flour mix that in and keepstirring keep stirring just let thatcook while stirring often for about aminute but you can add 1 cup or 235milliliters of whole know 1 cup for 235milliliters of heavy cream and yourmushroom fortified chicken stock nowbring that up over a medium heatstirring constantly and what’s gonnahappen is it’s gonna continue to heat upand thicken and thicken with 69 C’s onceit reaches the appropriate thicknesswhich should look something like this asyour ham back along with 10 ounces are280 grams of frozen peas your choppedchicken skins from earlier and of courseyour shredded chicken then just mix allthat together until thoroughly combinedand looking lovely and thick like thisokay so we’re ready to assemble you’refirst gonna need some puff pastry that’srolled out to about a quarter of an inchthin and yes I do have a video forhomemade puff pastry and that’s what youshould be using but also I’ll only judgeyou a little of use store-bought becauseI’m actually using store-bought this onedon’t tell anybody please I’m very sorrypromise this is a rarity then transferyour filling to a 10 to 12 inchcast-iron pan drape your puff pastry ontop trim the edges crimp them just alittle bit brush the top with heavycream using a sharp paring knife scorecross pattern in the center pop it inyour oven at 400 Fahrenheit for 20minutes then reduce the oven temperatureto 350 Fahrenheit for an additional 20to 25 minutes and then once your pastrylooks nice and golden brown crispy likethis she’s done then just let it restfor about 5 to 10 minutes I recommendserving this in bowls because gonna be alittle bit messy and that’s your pot pieso we’re gonna oh right pie you don’twant to burn yourself it’s time for youpuff pastry cream see the differencesmost people don’t make a morel mushroombroth because we are all about : firstsound test can’t forget about this soundI mean it’s really good it’s got theclassic flavor of a typical chicken potpie but it’s got this it’s a pot pie asin it’s a good ass pop high if youdon’t make it you’re losing but do youwonder what else has the crust pot pienow jeez those roughalright guys since that is its so wemade chicken pot pie pie the chicken inthe pot it’s really just chicken pie theaddition of that mushroom broth changedthe game it had so much mommy to it youreally get this like insane restaurantquality chicken pot pie that it’s justunbeatable most people don’t do thatappreciate you I love you hopeeveryone’s stings save a little bit of ashort one today but I hope you enjoyedit if you did enjoy this video or youlearn something you leave a likesubscribe and I will see you next God mybrain is saying things faster and I willsee you next timethat was a ella mouthful and so was thatchicken Popeye[Music]

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  2. I feel Joshua is the younger modern version of Ina Garten. “If you don’t have the fancy local organic free range product, store bought is fine.”

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