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Making Pancakes because we are hungry 🙂

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi it’s me and it’s hey look virus 9isix it was 5:00 in the morning God didwe wake up at five in the morningyesterday yeah and you woke up yourreally nicely PU here’s the thing I canbeat with light and deep sleeper becauseI can sleep do like my brains I’mprobably been sick a file but like I canwake up when other people wake up it’sso weirdI’m trying not to show my TT so rightnow she is on the computershe’s not fine yeah I am logging offwhat is this video gonna be about yeahit’s gonna be a daily vlog therandomness of us say yay we’re cominglive Nichkhun well George is China youtried that so well but you failedoh thanks making me feel good son youlove you tooso I coming from you live from George’skitchen and what makes my kitchen waskitchen her mom’s kitchen then makingpancakes from scratch so yeah oh my godyou’re tallyeah so it’s tightly full foot in itwe’ve been awake like an hour and a halfI don’t weigh you what about my club weshould be worried about the kids newcouncil you can easily wipe that downyou have to wash that top it’s stupid[Music]yeah you just bought ityeah so I’m making pancake what she isI’m the guest of the house todaylater on well did not be any guess truthit’s later on most likely going to spaceyeah very nice pair selfie stick ohdefinitelykick box yeah probably I make a lot oftik toks sure I get ready I guess showus getting ready at 2:00 you mix all thedry ingredients together first that’susually how it goes rightyes you put all the dry ingredientsfirst this is gonna be interestinggo yeah let’s do thiswait what do you need how many excellentfish what I do not have vanilla you gotstare at them in a circleso I think that substitute with eggsmilk and vanilla together this one righton cuz you’re doing hot it’s a one eggokayis this supposed to be serving up howmany people you always have the amountif you have film actually one you havethe amount of ingredients how much howmuch how much no it’sno one in three quarters it says one inthree Gordon’s weird if you oughta cutmilk okay at least a cup no we’re gonnado the actual math y’all whenever youput a cup so now you’ve got split it OhGod exactly sorry it’s just gonna behalf a cup and half a quarter wait no Ineed Google again and it’s gonna be hotbut we know what some half a cup becauseit’s one whole cup you spilt it in thereI think oh here we gowhat I think Bay water cupswhat’s this a damage we are swearinginto the count it’s exactly what I saidhalf a cup don’t know I like your pointservice awesomeit’s basically the whole horse at full yes almost a 4 cups of 3/4 cupswhich would be so free they already puta half in so one and a half of thesemuch to be Sophia but I never said youwere stupid is a qualifier panini foryour piece you take one there and thenyou give once the other recipe and thenyou can have one of these in two theyhave one of these into itGeorge well we’re not in maths classyeah I got better than you on my lastexam you don’t even know you did betterin the last year yeah I know you did I’mstupidyou go that should beat up it oh I needthe recipe does it need any busalready yes most likelyoh I think we’re down with thepancake let’s beginoh and character and anything else hasit got plain coffee[Music]what’s the next stepall right huh you didn’t mix us wellright sure anymore I think now weactually you will see what does thebutter come into this wait is it you canbottle in there yeah so that’s what I’min the plan is for frying for extrasitting oh okayno wait no that’s out the milk machineoh yeah see important step nickel wheremake a well I’ve never heard of that[Music]this now so here’s comes one nowyou never use a fork you do you alwaysuse a whisk so we actually needsomethingI will just cook it as it is[Music][Music][Music]like yeah it means what eating 16cupcakes I love cupcakeshey that’s for pancakes though my pointexactlyyeah with us fine no jokinglet’s just make normal so much exactlyhumm you don’t we pull the mix in its 11minutes we’ll be fine Oh yo why would weneed why don’t you make some fun I’mDavid Atkins sales not anymoreI found forces alignment all right we’remaking pancakes now you still mixing ityepwe have started the baking that is thetiniest thing I’d ever see if it worksthat’s all we’ve made pancakes right alittle bitter one pancakes you want itokay later we’re making a new peoplethat put the box even make me drinkcoffee ever yeah you having hammer yeahwant me to go live yeah I’m doing youraccount oh my make sure it’s nice to payone why are you to care cuz I’m so mucha day huh very much okay is it I amAnitayeahoh is it still filming I thought I’dpancake oh yeah that would be funshe totally did party they got yeah sothat’s just going how you going youdon’t touch the pancake while it’scooking at least I did something rightokay go grab a plate yeah you can see iton the thing go to wait for all overthis is that we can check the pancakeokay what’d you say I can’t no one’swhen I live it’s not right yesyou think we have a big enough pancakeoh yeahholds up okay now yeah bubbles arecoming already see that’s better if itwould get off weight sizes like whatwe’re doingoh is it recording in it yeah but doingit no one’s on allies but we’re doing itthat was a little good that actuallylooks good I’m so proud of myself well Ithink it’s cause people just go – yeahmake it all the bankers about me no Itechnically took a pate cake out oh wellwe’ll get back to you on the pancakes afully made so I just said pancakes areofficially made I just stack up next tomelook thanks for watching awesome a pinkabsolute reason hole hungry and it’sbreakfast at home okay Tobias and Sarahoh wait now good syrup poor bitch lookyou really want to do this your poolyeahoh so yeah I had to do it there we gothanks for watchingcan I just say how the hell am Isupposed to know what your point was a0.33 free free free year in Cox or zeropoint seven eight five seven eight fivefive five how the hell was was no one Ithink thank you very much[Music]

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