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Baking Cookies With My Dad And Mad Max (LiKe, sub plz)

We wanted to bake cookies with my dad and my brother Max. And in another video me and my brotherS will be putting Warhead spray on the cookies. And, that’s probably not a good idea too! Comment ideas plz! #TeamPickle #WahlBoys #LiKeSubPlz,FaZeJarvis

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

I’ll return oh yeah make some cookiesprobably routine why wait I’m gonna doit could you ask it’s called a trick I’mnot putting it you take a piece give oneto mom last night one time mom right nowguys if you eat all of them no you’renot gonna eat any cookiesdamn it no nobody understands in thishouseNick she is right all right that’s aboutthat next take all the cookies in thedough probably never we take all theextra pieces okay mom let’s buy that jobcan we make really big Santa’s LittleHelperI want to make many big oneswhat plate now mom run yeah don’t putthem keep those together because I knowI’m gonna make big cookiesI take all the extra pieces he’s betterapart max wants a big onehere’s a big one there well that’s gonnabe a huge oneNicky why you[Music]a few mortgage I know it’s gonna be longas this baby baby the night but thisthing’s gonna be even a little okayhere’s my but this one day will be thedeath of you guys split that back andDad it’s true it’s either you boy thedark sideoh the night side the dark matte shinedark web and those cookies are gonna bemy stomach next video like subscribe andI’ll see you in the next one

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