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How to Make Pancakes – Mini Pancakes – Danish Pancakes – Waffles

This recipe for Danish pancakes makes the most perfect soft and fluffy pancakes. Using ingredients you should already have in your kitchen you can easily make these pancakes from scratch for brunch or breakfast this weekend.

Whip up these super easy pancakes and don’t forget to send me a picture of your recreation, all the links are below. Next time you are looking for a breakfast recipe learn how to make pancakes from scratch with this simple pancake recipe.

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Video Transcription

you see yes that’s not tell of madnessI’m gonna help muddy make this beautifulwelcome back to our channel again todayis five cakes or tarnish off either withrest we’re gonna be doing cooking and goto Russians and tasting how the food isplease subscribe like the videonotification us and comment down belowfor more videos a cup of self-risingflour two teaspoons of sugar a cup ofmilk 3 eggs and a what 1 teaspoon ofbaking powder and this is make sure youwill get looks very niceyeah I’m gonna topic we can I get Ella[Music]okay now with all of the ingredients ifyou got the special bit like mix bit andlet’s put it in the bad boy image[Music][Music]yeah yeah yeah[Music]perfect he’s my besthe’s my Snyder just go around soguys now we need to do is we need toflip them around other side get cookedthen we put Nutella white chocolate[Music][Music]so this way should have a look likeperfect perfect and now it’s ready fortopic that looks so niceoh look at this bad boy good way to eatthis one look at this bad boyoh my god Charlie Smith they’re gonnaeat oh yeah now his samplethat’s absolutely deliciouswould make this just taste it absolutelywould you give out of ten I would getJennayou keep talking I’ll keep coverednumber of human videos here in the nextpiece of what I leave you withoutguys I wish you keep[Music]we just smash them absolutely deliciousand we just ate we just destroyed themdestroy destroythat’s how we describe Danish TV andyour mum and dad so you wanna do stuffand then you’ll get this and also theNutella and chocolate bar ice melted sirit’s gone okay guys[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]

7 Replies to “How to Make Pancakes – Mini Pancakes – Danish Pancakes – Waffles

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  3. Of course there has to be chocolate heheheheheeh…Looks yum and i feel like having some now. Love how you guys put them on sticks – stands out

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