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Protein Pancakes Made Easy | How to Make Protein PACKED Pancakes!

We’ve found the ultimate protein pancake recipe you’ve been searching for!

Get the full recipe for the Protein Pancakes here –


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Video Transcription

[Music]welcome back to nice and tequila and nowI’ve spent weeks mixing in mixing theworld’s best ingredients to come up withthe ultimate protein pancake concoctionand guess what now this recipe is goingto require some finesse so they’ll comearound but follow along closely as Ireveal all the secrets and making theperfect pancake enjoy today’s nonsponsored tequila well it’s Escalonsimply because it’s the best now I’dlike to keep this thing frozen a littlechill those doubts oh so smooth andcheers to subscribingI delight all right to get started weneed to make our batter and ouringredients are very specific so followalong first we’re gonna start withkodiak eggs a protein mix we’re gonnause 1 cup then we’re gonna use 1 scoopof whey protein vanilla we’re gonna adda dash of baking soda don’t do too muchyou’ll ruin your cakes a few dashes ofground cinnamon I like a good amount ofcinnamon in here and we’re gonna mixthis up oh how perfect all right nowthat we’ve got that mixed we’re gonnathrow in a manor whooone full Manor now I’m not gonna cutthese into little slices cuz I want themto be mushy so I like to squeeze inChuck squeezethis is actually one of the secrets tothe perfect pancakes get that nice mushyfilling inside now that we’ve got ournanner in there we’re gonna throw oneegg hi Dan that was almost clean we’lldrink to that and back to work now we’regonna add a cup of moo topia because wewant to add even more protein into thisconcoction and now we stir now this iswhere a lot of people ruin ruin theircakes because they stir too much I wantto mix it but I still want it to be alittle bit chunkyso the second secret is to not gostraight to throw on your cakes on youwant to let this rest for about fiveminuteswhy because the internet said that theseingredients will start to do strangethings then when you pour it you getthat fluffiness that you’ve been lookingfor but while it waits we’re gonna heatthis thing up and have a few more shotsfor breakfastSpallone is the best especiallybreakfast all right now before youthis up we want to be low to medium heatso we don’t burn these low and slow myfriends now let’s throw down our gloveswe want to make these into you knowpancake shapes and now well we waitwe’re gonna wait till this levels up alittle bit because this is a one flipgame now these are gonna take us abouteight minutes or so before we flip itbut again we want to see those bubblesbut I do not want to burn these cakesall right so we’re eight minutes in sowe’re gonna flip these big uns and youcan give it a little look-see make sureyou’re going in brown it’s gonna be atough flip yeah golden brown and we waitanother eight minutes in and they’redone and no I don’t have to check howeffective these so now we’re gonna platenow one of the most annoying things withprotein pancakes is they might be alittle dry these things not so much butjust to make sure we’re gonna add somevanilla yogurt also because we want moreprotein let’s smear it around likebutter just when you thought we weredone we are not because we’re gonnathrow some nanners on top and ourfinisher well it’s real maple syrupstraight out of Athens Wisconsin andit’s called chucks and they’ve beentapping in satin since 2007 and I cannotwait to have this on my protein pancakesand our fat loss code if you’re gonnahave some sugar on your meal have thereal stuff the world’s best that’s good impress with that feastI know you are so do me a favor hit thatsubscribe button hit the little bellyou’ll get a nice little notificationevery time I’m making up a delicious newfeast

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