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Quarantine Pancakes! Plant It Cook It S1E2

Hi from home! Today our producer Anna is making the simplest recipe she could with the most minimal ingredients! Vegan pancakes!

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Video Transcription

hi welcome to the tiki bar as you canprobably tell I am NOT Geomy name is Anna Sierra I’m one of theproducers for planet cookin and I am theone who has all of the filming equipmentso I’m the one who gets to shootepisodes from home during a pandemic Ialso don’t have any sound equipment soI’m just going to be like talking loudlyin the general direction of the camerathat is closest to me hi I’ve beenhearing a lot of people in social mediatalking about how they can’t get certainingredients at the grocery stores rightnow because everything is low oreverything is really expensive the bigthings are like eggs milk butter so Ithought that I actually might be kind ofa good idea to do a quick video that canshow you a few things you can do thatdon’t require any of those expensive andhard to get ingredients becauseobviously here at Planet cook it we arevegan so we don’t use eggs and we don’tuse milk actually for a lot of recipespeople think that you have to substitutesomething but you really don’t have tosubstitute anything at all you just kindof take them out so I thought a goodrecipe to do would be pancakesbecause it’s super easy it requires veryfew ingredients it’s something that youcan make for your kids if you’re stuckat home during quarantine and you’re lowon ingredients all you really need isflour sugar baking soda vanilla and thiscan even be optional if you don’t havebeen ill at home and vinegar whichthis is Sharkey he’s gonna hold myvinegar oh that’s right I was gonna tryto be festiveI forgot forgot I’m just trying to befestiveobviously the tiki bar has absolutelynothing to do with planet cookin or withthe recipe that I’m making it’s justthis is the only aesthetically pleasingplace in my entire house so we’reshooting it at the tiki bar so I guessthat’s about it and we can go ahead andget started all right first things firstthis is just 1 cup of flour and therecipe that I’m making today it makes Ithink like 6 smallish pancakes so if youwant to double it you can if you’retrying to feed a whole family otherwisethis is the recipe that I usually makejust to feed my boyfriend and I so we’vegot our 1 cup of flourthis is three tablespoons of sugar andthen just one and I do like a heapingtablespoon baking powder now for my milkmixture I like to put a little bit ofvinegar in it and let it sit for a bitbecause that makes it taste kind of likebuttermilk pancakes you can totally skipthe vinegar if you don’t like that tasteor if you just don’t have it once againpandemic for my milk I’m going to usehomemade oat milk I usually buy oat milkbut just like everyone else it’s beenkind of hard to get ingredients latelyso I actually learned to make my own oatmilk so if you are stuck at home and youcan’t get any milk this is actuallyreally easy to make maybe I’ll do avideo on it later but I do like 3/4 cupsof oats just dry uncooked oats and thenI do 3 cups of cold water a little pinchof salt and a little bit of agave justto sweeten it up a little bit you cantotally skip the agave if you want andthen I just blendfourth rusev and it’s really good ittastes pretty similar to thestore-bought brand it’s a little lesscreamy but it’s really good for cookingalright so I’m going to go ahead and doone topkeep it up Sharkey give me my vinegarand just a tablespoon of white vinegaryou can also use apple cider vinegarI’ve even used like red wine vinegarbefore I didn’t really taste it thatmuch so whatever floats your boat andthe dude all right so I’m gonna doI think they usually put in like ateaspoon of this but honestly I justkind of I’m not you I don’t know whatI’m doing okay you didn’t come here forme you came here for people who do whatthey were doing where are you goinghaven’t you heard the world is fallingapart where are you going so you’re justgonna go ahead and mix together your dryingredients just until they’re combinedthen I make a little well in the center[Music]mixture I’m just going to mix that use awhisk if you like I only brought aspatula out here with me because I’m notprepared okay so that’s my pancakebatter it’s pretty easy pretty simpleyou didn’t need any eggs any milk anybutter at all I’m gonna go ahead andbreak out the griddle and we can getfrying these bad boys okay this isgetting really hot I actually don’t knowwhat what temperature this is this isthe first time I do this I also broughtout a couple of blueberries to throw inthere you don’t have blueberries you byno means have to add them you can alsoadd I like doing apples and I usuallyI’m here raspberries strawberries aregood I probably could have put a lotmore than two pancakes on here at a timeonce again this is the first time I’veused this so sorry I’m gonna go aheadand throw a couple of boobs yeahit’s already really hot out here andthis thing is also really hot so you’renot allowed to comment about how sweatyI am they’re really not ready they’rereally not ready they’re not ready yetthe way you typically can tell ifpancakes are ready to flip is when youstart to see bubbles rise to the top andbirthcakes pancakes pancakesall right let’s check out my littlefriends again whoa we’re getting thereso basically the main thing I’m tryingto get at here is that you can usereally limited ingredients to make goodfood and you don’t need pancake mixpancake mix is stupid it’s just flourand baking powder and sugar and maybesalt the next time I do this I’m gonnaput like four out here or at least threemaybe four maybe three then purplehanded I touched the blueberries with mybare hands I think I can go ahead[Music]all I’m saying is that if you were stuckat home and your kids are like mom Iwant some pancakes and you’re like ohI’m not a pancakes darn and then youlook up a recipe and all you see is likeeggs and milk and butter oil and youknow having at the grocery store rightnowthis is a good alternative even ifyou’re not being good come on there wego keep dancinghmm all right see how these guys arelooking oh wait Reggie oh yeah see thatsee it’s just what’s I think it looklike just straight-up legit pancakestadaso this is what they look like thefinished product I threw a little bit ofEarth Balance butter on top of thisthat’s vegan butter obviously you can gowithout I also have like an extremelylow amount of syrup left well that’sokay I don’t actually like itsuper-sweet anyway just for funsieswe’re gonna go ahead and throw a littlebit of powdered sugar on there justbecause that’s what gia would do andhere we arethat’s the finished product looks likepancakes to me let’s give it a try withwhat little tiny food sir but tryingokaymmm I love pancakes pancakes arestraight up like always my favoritebreakfast I swear to god I’ve beenmaking this recipe for a long time nowand I’ve still had nobody ever be ableto tell that they’re vegan I’ve neverhad anybody say that they taste anydifferent at all whatsoever from regularpancakes and it’s not even that we’relike replacing eggs with chia seeds orapplesauce or bananas or whatever likeyou always hear about you even need eggseggs and butter or a very Americanaddition to just like traditionalpastries and baking like in cakes andscones and muffins you really don’t needeggs for them you don’t really even needa substitute for eggs either there’s somuch cheaper much healthierjust as you’re good I’m just gonna getthem all man so there you have itthere’s your episode of planet cookinI’m sorry that a Maggio I’m sorry that Idon’t have all of the necessary filmingequipment or sound equipment to makethis a really professional-lookingepisode I did try my best I hope it’shelpful to you anyway if you liked thisepisode and you want me to keep puttingout more content there’s definitely acouple more recipes that I can do thatcan show just your average everydaypeople how you can be making food athome with very limited ingredients orpeople who are vegan and just want tolearn more vegan recipes I mentioned myhomemade oat milk earlier that’s areally easy one I could do that ifyou’re interested in that for difficulttimes like this it’s good to know how tomake your own stuff and have somealternatives for if you can’t get all ofthe ingredients you’re used to having soif you want some more simple recipesthings that you can make at home withreally minimal ingredients let me knowin the comments let me know if you makethese because they’re super bomb promiseyour kids are gonna love them andthey’re much healthier than traditionalpancakes so thanks so much for joiningme I’m gonna go finish eating these withSharkeyyou

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