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How to make pancakes during lockdown

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This is an easy pancake recipe no matter if you new to cooking or if you have experience or none

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Video Transcription

okay so okay hi guys and welcome back tothe channel were quick second now I knowwhat I’m missingokay so hi guys welcome back to thechannel if you haven’t already done itsubscribe todayI’m going to be doing a quick tutorialand how to make easy pancakes and thesedon’t require much more at all so allyou need is a measuring cup right hereand then you’re gonna get half a cup ofplain flour let me do what you needfirst you need at least half a cup ofplain flour some salt and add spoon and[Music]mix it with a bowl measuring cup and abigger bowl to mix with so get your bowlget your moving put it in the bowl youget hot a cup empty measure exactly halfa cup exactly 1/2 a cup of plain flourmy mom will be helping in this video andyou may have noticed that I’ve changedmy name adding to that is the reasonbecause I would like to change it when Irealize I’m the only one that the mainperson in the film in filming so yeah soI’m just gonna empty half a cup in hereif you want to make larger quantitiesyou can just double the double D matchI’m using I was originally supposed touse hot one whole cup but I didn’t wantit cause I didn’t wanna waste anythingthe big bowl and then you put a tiny bitso in maybe just put about half atablespoon in that then mix around withthe spoonschoose your mixing tool yet because yourmixing tool yeah otherwise we get to ourforehand so you can see my face once yougot mix that around nicely you won’thave all the flowers mixed in so youneed to get you need to get the one andonly then move all of this stuff out ofthe way you need to get a smaller ballyour egg so let me get my mom now sowhat you need to do is get the egg whitein your tiny bowl and get the egg yolkin there only the egg white in here notthe egg yolk okay so got all you have todo is get all do you want to sayanything to the camera okay you don’twant to say anything to the family sowould you like to show your face to thecamera okay so mom doesn’t want to showher face to the camera and then where’dyou put the yolk egg yolk in here andthen I’m gonna get inside the flour youget you wanna know mefirst time this is my middle brotherthere you go guys just like that you getit all like foam that properlywell okay can’t get the camera there youget it all done now so now we are makingpacket this is my youngest brother hisname is Jael you’re three years oldyou’ve got he’s going to company thatone there he isnamed Jay and he’s three years old andmy other brothers called Russia and heis five years I mean he also our YouTubechannel go check that outstop by half and then you put the foamin then you stop one by one starttipping it in to the mixture let me askmy mom and she wants to mix it do youwant to mix it okay she doesn’t thenhe’s not mixing it around this can getpretty grossokay that is collected everywhere andnever mind so I’m gonna keep tippingit’s a foam you might not be able to seethe zooms not that great oh wow there’sa pretty gross at the moment but trustme it will all come down in the end maybe wondering why did we have to like getit will foamy the ripples together youhave to make sure you get all the stuffoff of this good to get all thepossibility of pancake in therewhoa whoa stop on my fingersmessy kitchen is a happy kitchen andthen you start tipping milk in there bitby bit you have to choose milk on yourconsistency choosing your consistency Iknow this video is dragging on and onand on but please watch for the end tosee what the best pancake looks right sonow you start getting a very basicmixture at the moment it’s very lucky isvery very lumpy so I’ve got I’m use alittle milk not that much just a tinybit more that it should be a little bitmore liquidy now real good just likethat okay keep mixing mean though mymom’s gonna mix[Music]okay so put you guys on that I’m gonnaput a little bit of oil on there andit’s only a little bit not too much justabout let’s gonna take itlet’s go say with you okay wow this isbones really long but don’t worry guyswanna get something to eat those and youcan get whatever you want to put on topof itstop sighs chocolate spread definiteabout whatever you like okay now this isdone I’m gonna put you guys leave thisright here and now I’m going to tip itbit by bit into the pannow it’s cooking meat you have to getout you have to start packing everythingaway get your spatula and wait for it tostart cookingthen get ready i compute with the othersignals so you’re gonna let that cookfor a little bit I’m sorry if this videois dragging ononce you start cooking cook for a littlebit Oh cooking pancakes the business Ireally want to eat it right nowwhoaunder a bit of pressure[Music]should be roughly about dominathey have it your delicious pancake asmuch here you don’t come here to make iteven dark yet creepy you found thisvideo helpful and I’ll see you here inthe next video

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