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One of the most famous British Breakfast Dish, which can be doubled up for a light dessert – The Pancake!

A simple , easy recipe to fulfill your sweet tooth cravings brought to you in the 5th episode of Cook With Viru!!!

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome to my channel my nameis very endure and this is the fifthepisode of cook with zero today let’ssee how we’re gonna make pancakes westart off with two cups of flour half ateaspoon of salt just for the tastethree and a half tablespoons of sugarand one and a half tablespoons of bakingpowder give it a good mix and set asidetake two cups of milk add threetablespoons of melted butter two eggsand one and a half tablespoons ofvanilla essence give it a good whiskwith a fork or a whisk since you wannaincorporate air into it add the milkmixture to the flour mixture and give ita good whisk ensure you do not overworkthe batter just mix it enough to becomea thick batter and there are no lumpsleft in it that’s about it take a hottawa apply some butter and drop about1/4 cup of batteryou have 1/4 cup measurements which youcan put as a batter let it cook once yousee that the edges are dry and thebubbles are coming up flip it over itshould be approximately one and a halfto two minutes per side you get a goodcolor take it off of the flame yourpancakes are ready and we shall now topit with some honey stack up the pancakesas you see in the good movies right Yesside of the pancakes pour in a lot ofhoney on top oh that looks deliciousdoesn’t it it’s great honey’s on let’sdust it with some icing sugar and youare good to go that’s it for today’spancakes I hope you’ll like the video ifyou do just like share subscribe anddon’t forget to click on the bell iconciao[Music]

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