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How to make pancakes | Filming a Cinematic Pancake B roll Sequence with my phone (recipe below!!)

So, today we are making pancakes and I will be filming a cinematic b roll sequence in the process. I hope you enjoy this video of me playing around with some new ideas for filming a B roll and I thought it would be fun to do a video showing how fun it was! Its been pretty tough with just my phone but its been a lot of fun.

These pancakes are honestly the Michelin 5 star (yes 5 stars, not 3) of pancakes. My brother and I have been making these since we were children, and this was probably the first thing we both mastered in our lives with regards to baking/cooking (do you cook or bake pancakes?).

They have always been there for me in my toughest times which is why we have been making them once a week for the past 5 weeks while being in lockdown.

If you need something to lift your spirits up and bring a smile to your face in these dull times and then fancy a little bit of bloating afterwards, I would highly recommend these!!

So what are you waiting for? Take this recipe, put some music on and make away!

Pancake batter ingredients:
100g (4 tbsp) plain flour
Pinch of salt
2 eggs
300ml milk
25g melted butter
(Makes about 12 pancakes so double the mixture if you want more!!)

1. Sift flour and salt into mixing bowl
2. Make well in center and drop eggs in
3. Using a whisk stir the eggs while gradually adding the milk, drawing in the flour until smooth
4. Stir in melted butter
5. Oil a pan and let it heat up while the batter sits for a few minutes (to have a rest from the mixing I presume?)
6. Using a ladle, spoon batter into the pan so it covers the bottom
7. When you see little bubbles in the mixture in the pan it’s time to flip it over
8. Repeat until finished
9. Tuck in with all your fav toppings
10. Enjoy, and give me feedback on how it went!

As always, stay safe and healthy.



Track 1: All That – Bensound Support by RFM – NCM:

Track 2: Funny Song – Bensound Support by RFM – NCM:

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey everybody welcome back to my channelso today we’re making pancakes veryexciting I have tried some new anglesand new shots on up I’m really reallyhoping that it works out nicely I hopeit looks fantasticand if you’re wondering yes I am indeedwearing a onesie and a beanie so I looklike little winter gnomeI’ve had this onesie for years and Idon’t think I will ever get rid of itit’s like one of those items of clothingthat you just never ever get rid ofbecause you love it so much it’s likewearing a blanket permanently so this isgoing to get me through lockdown andthree winds out anyways I hope you guysenjoy the video enjoy making pancakeswith us[Music]

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