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Vlog #60: Quarantine Challenge 1 – Make Pancakes & Surprise Neighbours!

I was thinking about what I could do for my vlog during this quarantine time. I wanted to make something fun, a bit challenging, and spontaneous, I guess, that’s the reason why I came up with this idea.
I’ve never ever made pancakes in my life plus I have absolutely no clue who my neighbors so yeah why not do both at the same time, right?!!!

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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hi everyone my name is me it reaches mymind in English but for now slightly inVietnamese welcome to my log hey guys mehere’s this exactly for one monthalready in the Netherlands for current Iand I don’t know when it going to beended however I hope wherever you areyou still stay safe stay strong and alsoyour family as well I have to say thatthe last four months and I mean the labfor four weeks it has been very up anddown for me try to keep myself positiveand doing a lot of things that I likebut you know there’s a moment that youfeel it’s me awake and feel like to benegative especially I’m just left bymyself and some type of cost you feellike to be lonelyhowever so far it’s good well keep busyI’m still trying to keep myself activeand it has a lot I thought let’s come upwith something fun for my blog duringthis challenging time for everyone allaround the world I actually just movedhere to the eye open for a Bali now inplay three months and current I alreadyfor one month don’t know people here Ohespecially my neighbors I decided that Igonna make some pancakes I did buy someingredients I never met pancakes in mywhole lifeyeah it’s all very silly but yeah Inever ever met Jen cake I’m gonna makesome pancakes and they knocked on myneighbour Doris andgive them some pancakes and you like tosee their reactions on that and then I’mgonna family I I thought you know let’sdo something fun spontaneous and at thesame time get to know to your neighborswould be very nice in this time as wellyeah of course I’m gonna keep a distancelike 1.5 meters with my neighbor when Igive them the pancakes hopefully they’renot scared of me guys let make somepancake with me and then surprise myname the spinny I don’t have a mixer soright now I have to do it all by myselfwith PBS okay and I also don’t have likea measurement so I don’t know how much Ijust put in the meal need to put like150 million I neverokay now mix well I have no major win soI’m just all right yeah estimated bymyself hopefully it’s gonna be okay nowthe moment of truth it very hard to setup a camera because the other tripod hada broken nicolau so I’m gonna see howcan you do it[Music]driver please reveal rightI gotta make a very nice decoration somy neighbor gonna dodo you thing is okay yes okay I need todo some like honey on the top right waitoh my god feed me so hard[Music]man it actually not doesn’t look so bad[Music][Music]look at these folk it doesn’t look toobad right they see the pancake oh my godI’m very sorry because of the demonsit’s so hard to fight the petition forthe camera and also like making these Ithink it’s not supposed to look likethis at all but it doesn’t look so badand so I hope the person even firstyeah they have their creation and then Irun another one and the other neighborso let’s go guys let’s go let’s do thislet’s do this I’m nervous okay so I didtalk to the first neighbor in thetwenties so if whole experiment mighthave felt very bit[Music]hi guys can you introduce the bit whereyou from and what your name okay andthis is my first time making pancakes soI’m not sure if it good but I hope youlike yeah I hope it tastes good so justenjoy it and then later on you can justknow tomato to give me back the yeahhope you feel happy yeah you’re welcomethank you so much bye okay so the secondone accepted my pancake hey I gonna makeanother one and then going to give it toanother neighbor and see if they’regonna be happy about thatthe first neighbor it will be scary thisis my second pancake all right[Music]neighbor like I mean the third on andall pretty vague or like a bit in ityeah yeah then the experiment is donethe other neighbors hi guyswhere you from animals oh you’re fromthe Netherlandsah okay and what’s your name oh oh yesokay and how do you feel that yougetting this thinking of yourneighborhood um this is my first timemaking the pancakeso I never made pancake before so yeahso if you’re not going to be the bestone but I think okay but enjoy it andyeah that’s this thank you so muchmisson come listen I’m actually veryhigh fat guy oh it’s a couple Italy verylovelythe guys are having a conversation whichis really cool and the other guys acouple for me Tully just get me back tothe plate and he told me that the pinsare gonna be pissed quite nice so I’mhappy I think I just have the ingredientin a 4-1 pancake and then the sea okaythis is the last pancake I gonna enjoybut I said I don’t think my pancakes aregood though it’s edible for sure but ifI don’t think that I don’t think it’sthe way I think it should be because Ithink it’s you think I don’t know Ireally think I’m screwed with the flourbut whateverwas a very fun book to make I’m veryhappy like with a lot of like buildingsmaking me block early to be scary whenyou knock to the neighbors that youdon’t know and that kind of line everyconversation makes specially in thefirst try the neighbor didn’t reallylike it and they rejected me but theother two one very nice and lovelycouples yeah so you guys if you don’tknow your neighbor and during thiscurrent item maybe this something youcan try to do if you want to see moreblock by this please let me know in thecomments for now I gotta say goodbye toall of you don’t forget to subscribe tomy channel if you want to see thiscontent more in the future yeah they saystay healthygood bye[Music]

4 Replies to “Vlog #60: Quarantine Challenge 1 – Make Pancakes & Surprise Neighbours!

  1. Lovely nice video! Look for an Action shop and get yourself the basics for in the kitchen, it makes that for you much easier. And a tripod

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  4. You have such a nice apartment and a friendly neighborhood, My! I hope you’re doing great and always keep up your spirit like this! The world needs more people like you 🙂

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