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Pancakes | Buddy Oliver | 1 of 5 #kitchenbuddies

Half term fun!! Get your kids cooking in the kitchen and share the pics using #kitchenbuddies.

We are back with Buddy Oliver who wanted to show off some of his favourite recipes that his Dad has taught him over the years! He has more to show you over the coming days so stay tuned!

In this one Buddy Oliver shows us how to make super simple and fun fluffy pancakes! So simple, and a great way to get the kids involved on pancake day or really any day.

All the films were shot under high levels of supervision and children should be supervised in the kitchen at all times.

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Video Transcription

Right, I’m gonna show you the simplest
pancakes ever. You need one cup ofself-raising flour, one cup of milk and
an egg, that’s all you need and they’reso simple anyone can make them, Right
let’s get cracking, first add the flourto the bowl, put the milk in the same cup
as you use for the flour right to thetop that was scary, then add one egg now give
it a good whisk. Whisk it until it’s niceand smooth and it looks like this. Right
now we’ve gonna cook it, you need a knobof butter to grease your pan, you always
need adult around you when you’re cookinghot things. You put the batter in
straight when it starts to bubble don’tworry about the mess your parents will
clean it up. Can you wipe my hands? I’m not thatmessy, you are cleaning it up aren’t you? When there’s bubbles at the top and it’s golden atthe bottom you know it’s time to flip itI like it with maple syrup or honey, Dad
always makes me do it from a height hesays it looks good. Right now… what? It’s
nice. Right now for some fruit I like itwith strawberries, blueberries
blackberries, strawberries, bananasblackberries and lemon, sugar, a pear?
Blackberries and raspberries and bananaand also you can have Nutella and yogurt.
Right, time to eatThey’re really fluffy, soft, easy to make
and you guys should try them andremember send us your pictures if you
make it. If you guys want to join ourcooking club, click the link below.

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