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Video Transcription

– something-something of quarantine andI had a couple people to suggest thisvideos you can say hi this is me and Iwant to know how to make my pancakes -I’m gonna show y’allwhen I went cook it with magic periodokay so I’m sorryi’ma beat cooking some pancakesit’s of course this job I make in someturkey bacon and yes I wash my hands offcameradon’t play turkey bacon and some I wouldexactly and I put it I put milk in myeggs milks make your eggs fluffydon’t argue argue with your mama babynot me because mark up my tongue so I’mgonna get a skinnyso make sure so we got these I’m goingto make my batter and then I’ll pick outI’m putting water in my batter and I’mjust stirring it real goodyou don’t want to up some to be likereal soupy but you don’t want it to betoo yeah so you see it’s real Sookiereal smooth and you make sure you haveno clumps and iam Lucy Davis are yougoing to make a lot of her utensils I’mreally not hungry I’m hungry but I’madding a dose we’re gonna put somebutter in your skillet first start itoff and you know what because gonna makeit a little bit legs up where I shouldbe careful everybodyif you a fan knowmake sure your feet high but make sureit’s like on medium-low heat right herey’all the Jews I want you all to push Ineed to cook your own pay attention babyright so sometimes if you do it likethat you will be cooked in the afterbenign middle and ends were count soyou’re gonna beat your batter[Music]and you know I’m kind of bow meowthere you gosoall right so you let that sit like ontwo minutes on each side on two minuteson each side and once you’ll know whenit’s ready to be because any bubbles allright if I can see right here thebubbles is coming but it’s not veryMichigan turkey back to me yeah I havenever had a turkey back in so he’s gonnabe my first time trying it and look atthe pancake in cooking this right nowit’s time to fill your pancake and boombaby look at them it’s so pretty you areyou gonna let the end of it for the nextsideyeah yeah and make sure you continuouslya litter through after process ofclicking it’s just some that I’m gonnakeep it you knowambulatory it really hills and I put alittle bit on top so yeah well yeah it’scostly okay yeah anymore my camera lookcloser look at these they show y’alllike the real deal at the freakin holyfeet your Bible here you look at thesethey look so good and the good thing herfeet pancake two minutes on each sidemake sure you see the bubbles I don’tcaresube because we can use me we can’twaste it on freaking fool day beforeand yeah we’re gonna do this this anywayso right now I’m knocking it down hereto make my eggs and forth againfamily job is not like no son Silas is Iwant it I’ll miss see y’all I never tryto eat but he just don’t look good Idon’t want to try it it and it’s good tohave like a blonde seat pan and I didn’twash it out for my turkey bacon salad Iwanted some basic seasoning and a littlebit of that grease to be yummylook at my pancake is nearbyoh you seehuman brownI’m rushing to make you clean officewe might have like a little broader thanit is under the breezes up in the crustfrom circulation and then whatever agethe flavor baby egg on me[Applause]I see my eggsand they flow through the daylike my grandmama she’s making she’sleave them of the weight by now waitwait but like a little boyit doesn’t make you play better don’targue today I’m wishing mombut you can see like they’re morefluffier then they would have beenwithout the mute and if y’all like thesecooking videos make sure you let me knowand I really like it’s not a meat with alot of y’all don’t know I have ourculinary associate degree and I don’teven really want to treat me like a foolmy learning new things but it’s just notmy place anymore okay this is going toit’s not just my passion you want alittle butter sockokayokay then washing socksthis is the final result yeah I got aturkey bacon the pancakes but a baby inthe eggsthis will be put in this video so if youlike this video make sure you likecomment and subscribe to this video andget this video up there babyI want the views of both babies and ifyou like these videos just let me knowin the comments below and I definitelywill do more I’m gonna go smash this jobso I like to break free

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