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Nothing to do? Make Some Farmers Cheese Pancakes

This video will inform you how to make Farmers Cheese Pancakes.
(You can bye the Farmers Cheese at Sprouts)

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi guys my name is Sonia Paulus and staywith me making 70 Russian recipe butalso me pause farmer’s cheese pancakesso what we need is two containers ofstore-bought farmers to make sure thatthey say low-sodium and do not have toomuch salt because otherwise they’ll behealthy and you don’t want them too soum the second thing that we will need istwo teaspoons of vanilla and twotablespoons of sugar or Splenda orwhatever you use for thatand you will also need depending on howmoist your dirt farmers cheap is one ortwo days if it’s dry then use two eggsand if its moist each one a you alsoneed a fork a tablespoon entities so youwill need a spatula as well and makesure that the pan is not too big so thatthey cook equally and not too small soit doesn’t take too much time you alsoneed oil first thing we’re gonna do ispour them the farmer’s cheese in thereand make sure you kind of Pat it downand take it out of the containers likeshape that it right now next what we’regonna put in is well next what we aregonna put in is or drawing great thesugar and the vanilla make sure to mixit in very well as you pouredum don’t add the flour just yetnow you can add your egg make sure youmix it in very well so that one part isdry and one part isn’t voiceit shouldn’t be too yellow after youstir it in then you’re gonna take yourflour in gradually student make sure youwatch how I’m doing it so you do itcorrectly you’re gonna pour it in alittle by little and as you pour it inyou’re gonna press it down you can liketo put put the flour down stir it invery well make sure you get the edgeswhen you’re done it’s gonna get harderto stir don’t worry that’s how itsupposed to just keep stirring it andthen if you feel like it’s too dry youcan add an egg um and if you feel likeit’s too moist add a little bit moreflour next what we’re going to eat istake your flour out as we need a littleextra and spread it out on your cuttingboard the cutting board could be smallerbig but it’s messy now we’re gonna takeone we made before and scoop with thepoor and take it out all right this partyou should probably use an apron becauseit gets a little nuts now you want topull this out on the flour and um makeit into a ball[Music]now watch very carefully how I do it soyou can make it in the shape of a circleshape it doesn’t have to be a circlecircle shape you can do it with how youwant but you want to use your pump notyour fingers because the divisor isgoing to be single use your palm topress down on the circle that you up andmake sure that it’s not too fast becauseit won’t cook through and make sure thatit’s not too flat because you don’t wantdo next and continue to eat I have madeeight because I’m going to be using twopants to make it go a little bit quickernow first we’re going to put the oil onand in the beginning you want it to beon a high heat and then turn it downalso make sure you have parentspermission so do not put too much oilbecause otherwise it’s not going to behealthy because if they burn then oil isgoing to all with them burn but youdon’t want to put too little becausethem and the oil is high it cooks down[Music]now you’re gonna put them equally onpants so that they cook and if there’s alittle bit more flour you can brush itoff you don’t want that extra[Music]so the way you know if it’s cooked isyou it will start to turn brown on thebottom so if it turns brown that meansit’s most likely starting to you like ita little cup and you want to turn it offif um only the edges cooks then just tryto put it a little bit longer on theother side so it goes through the middlebecause when you’re eating it you don’twant to be eating the dough in themiddle and you can add some extra oil ifyou unique you because sometimes it getsreally dry without that oil so if ituses all the oil you can spread a littlebit but you’ll do generous generous okayso while you’re waiting for them to cookyou probably want to create some more oftheir circle shape so that you can putit on now you’re gonna take a plate umso that when you’re done you can putthem on[Music]okay so as you put them be very carefulnow I want you to watch how I’m doing itso that you can kind of know how it’sdoneso you’re going to take your spatula andyou’re gonna let earn to the spatula andthen you’re gonna flip it over and makesure it doesn’t overlap the other nowafter you bless them you can start toturn the buyer down um so that as youput other ones on and as you cookthey’re not first and also make surethat they cook through just I’m sayingagain because it’s very important thatit cooks through you know one of the eraw egg[Music]now you have to be very experienced intwo pans because when you are you haveto watch both so just make sure you knowwhat you’re doing you have permission touse it so because it’s very dangerousyou don’t want to burn yourself also youwant to put your hair back if you havelonger hair into a bun or ponytail soyour hair doesn’t get into the fightokay so I hope you have a good time andplease share with me what you decided toput online commits hours before you jamwhenever you want please comment downbelow and like it because I really wantto know what you did you can do whateveryou want and I really hope you had agood time and spend time[Music]

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