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Let’s Cook! Apple Pancakes

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Video Transcription

hi chefswelcome to virtual entries today we arecooking up one of my go-to is I makethis recipe pretty much every week inour house not only do I love this recipemy husband loves this recipe but my twinbabies eat this for breakfast almostevery day and I like to change it up bychanging what type of food I put in herewe’ll talk about that in just a secondbut this is such a good and easy recipefor you to make it home so let’s get toit ingredients in this recipe are prettysimplewe start with 1.5 cups of oats and thenice thing is we put all theseingredients right into a blender blendthem up cook them up on it and that’sreally all there is to itso liquid 5 cups of oats 1 apple and youdon’t even have to peel the Apple that’soptional you can or you don’t have tobut you just need to cut it into piecesthrow it into the blender one teaspoonof baking powder and a half a teaspoonof baking soda so why do we use the hepowder why do we use baking soda andwhat’s the difference between the two sobaking soda it’s also known known assodium bicarbonate and sodiumbicarbonate is something called a baseit needs an ingredient that is acidic toactivate when I activate activates ithelps to lift and rise the food that weum baking powder has sodium bicarbonateor baking soda already in it with someother and leveling agents as well so weuse both of these ingredientsbecause the baking powder does most ofthat rising in our recipe and the bakingsoda helps to what we call neutralizethe acid in your recipe so the acid thatwe’re using is actually maple syrup andin our apple this will react with thesodium bicarbonate or baking soda andthe baking powder is going to help torise our ingredients thinking so thatalso helps to brown your recipes soyou’ll notice these pancakes are gonnahave a really nice golden brown to themwe’re using two tablespoons of maplesyrupone egg and then about 1/4 cup of waterI add as I go just to kind of check theconsistency if you want big fluffypancakes use less water if you want themto be a little bit more thin I would usea little bit more going back to theApple I usually make this with applesbecause I always have apples around butif I don’t I use any type of frozenfruit I use frozen blueberries I’ve usedfrozen pineapples mangoes teacheseverything I put everything into thisrecipe and it always turns out deliciousso those are the ingredients let’s getcooking let’s start with our oats andthis one chefs I want you to grab a 1cup measuring cup I’m gonna get aheaping cup and just like we’ve talkedabout in many of our recipes I’m gonnalevel it out so practice your levelingthere’s 1 cup and then I’m gonna grab my1/2 cup and you the exact same thing andI have my press or right into theblender how easy is thatthe next ingredient we are going to usethis so like I said you don’t have topeel it I actually think I want to peelthis one today so I’m gonna peel it realquick and that we will add it to theblender now we’re just gonna cut it upinto pieces throw it right into ourblender I’ve cut my Apple into fivepieces now I add it to the blender andwe’re moving on to the next ingredientthe next ingredient is one teaspoon ofbaking powder and 1/2 a teaspoon ofbaking soda so again baking powderokay mentioned before I already hasbaking soda in it so we’re gonna addthat we’re gonna level this ingredientto baking powder baking soda it is aningredient where you want just theperfect amount aful oh I leveled 1teaspoon of baking powder now I’m goingto grab my 1/2 teaspoon and do oneteaspoon of baking soda you want tostore baking soda and the heap powder ina cool place I usually recommend in therefrigerator you want it to be cool anddry because it actually does expire alot of people think it doesn’t but itdoes so we’ll add that as wellnext up we’re going to add maple syrupand we want 2 tablespoons of this soI’ll add thatchefs let’s add one egg into crack anegg don’t go in the corner you actuallytake your egg on a flat surface hit itfirm bring here both thumbs into the eggand then break it into your dish now ifyou’re brand new to cracking eggsI recommend cracking your egg over asmaller bowl first that way you get anyshells you can pick those out before youadd it but if you’ve done it give it aquick little hit on your counter and useyour thumbs to go ahead and crack itinto your bowl or right into your dishlast ingredient we want to do is somewater so we’ll start with 1/4 cup waterand we can add as we go up neatly andthere we have 1 cup of waterput on my blender blend it up and that’sall there is to it so easy let’s blendokay we are all done blending I’m justgonna take the blade off and now I willpour this batter little by little intomy pan right from my blender it’sseriously the easiest recipe launchstock shot everything right from theblender to the pan and we’re good goahead and turn on the pan to about amedium heat we just want to heat the pana little bit before we go ahead andspray and I’m using the coconut oilspray you can use a little bit of buttera little bit of coconut oil olive oilwhatever you choose just to prevent thatpancakes from sticking and remember makesure you have an adult present to helpwhen you’re using the stove turning onthe stove working with a hot pan so nowmy pan is hot I’m gonna spray my coconutoilall around the pan to perfect mypancakes from sticking and then I’m justgonna do one test pancake to prime mypan first so I’ll just do a little bitof batter now by the way I did add justa little bit more water the 1/4 cupwater wasn’t quite enough I was havingtrouble blending it all the way so Iadded just a little bit more and now mybetters a perfect consistency so I justdid one small pancake and I’m justtesting out the heat and testing out mydad I’ve seen if I need it maybe add alittle bit more water anything like thatbut this actually looks perfectso I could have moved the pancake aroundmy pan just a little bit to prevent thatoil from burning anywhere on my pan I’lltake this one off and now I’m going toadd three pancakes seasoned my batterbeing very careful pouring slow there’s1 2 3 when we hook up pancakes we wantto look for little air bubbles coming upthat tells us it’s ready to flip to theother side you can always check usingyour spatula bring it up one edge justto make sure that your pancake isn’tburningI’m gonna cook up the rest of my batterand delicious does this plate of applepancakes look I’m so excited to tastethese obviously you can serve them witha little bit of butter and syrup maybesome fresh berries frozen berries thatyou can heat up on your stove to makekind of your own syrup um get creativewith it serve it with whatever you’dlike and enjoy these what I like to dois make a really big batch and then I’lllet them cool put them in a freezer bagpop them into my freezer and then everymorning throw it into the microwave forabout 45 seconds and they taste freshand deliciousenjoy this one chefs thank you so muchfor watching and participating in ourvirtual lunchroom syrup series my nameis Erin and as we always say have fun bebrave and try something newyou

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