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There’s nothing better than a stack of hot, fluffy pancakes to get your morning started. Most people think pancakes are too much preparation and work to serve as a quick breakfast, but they don’t have to be. You can whip up a batch up delicious flapjacks in as little as fifteen minutes by keeping the necessary ingredients on hand, mixing up a simple batter and cooking several pancakes to perfection at a time.

cup flour
baking powder
Pinch of salt
cup milk
egg (beaten)
canola or vegetable oil
butter (as a substitute for oil)

1-Mixing the Batter
2-Measure out your dry ingredients.
3-Add milk and an egg.
4-Whisk until the batter thickens.
5-Let the batter rest for a few minutes.
6-Preparing Your Cooking Surface
7-Ready a large griddle or skillet.
8-Turn on the stove to medium heat.
9-Heat 1tbsp of oil or butter in the skillet.
10-Ladle on the pancake batter in small circles.
11-Cooking and Serving the Pancakes
12-Cook the pancakes until they begin to bubble.
13-Flip the pancakes over and continue cooking on the other side.
14-Remove the pancakes from the heat when they’re golden brown.
15-Serve with your favorite toppings.

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