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Video Transcription

all right so what’s up you guys it’s agirl coordinator and I am back withanother videoyes back with another video and todayguyswe don’t be cooking up a little quicklook little quick little brothels willmean nothing you big and extravagant youknow we’re just going to do us somepancakes and some sausages okay and I’mgonna put the sausages in the oven andlet that cook for a little while andthen at this cook pretty much throughthen I take it out and I put it in askillet and there to get the little searon the outside okay cuz that coming likemy sausages a little burn hangout likeyeah I like mine look back I like toknow my stuff is done okay so I justturned the oven on three okay you knowand so I’m gonna go ahead and put thesausages on the pan so I’ll show you outwhat I got okay so yeah I got this pieceof pan whatever it’s a fan okay and thenI’m gonna take my cooking spray just soit won’t stick too much and when I’mtrying to clean up left okaythis one we sprayed it I got somesausages these are just a few originalrecipe sausages you guys and I fixedfour of them earlier in the weekend soi’ma fix these four before the next gobabeokay so on y’all take them and I’m justgonna pop these babies right in themiddleokay yes so gonna take these and putthese babies right in the oven so theycan start cooking okay so let me wash myhand yeah yeah watch out here let’s dosome right throughout all of thiscraziness going on he’s gonna need alittle relief okay I get itpray stay y’all know do all of thethings I’m sure you are saying about thevideo is talking about it this is notgonna be one this is a this is a lookget away okay so anyway so now y’all I’mabout to do some pancakesso yeah I got this little quick thestones I had none so I had to do it todo I found these and so you know so thisis the Betty Crocker buttermilk pancakeand waffle mix cover me there we gookay and all you gotta do to this y’allit’s just ask them water where are yabill is just add water you add one cupof water to this pack but if that’s toobig sometimes you know that theingredients are there for guidelines butsometimes you just got to do what it doyou know jazz it up for you soso I’m gonna take it and put it in therelift it up and outyeah yes I can’t get rid of my pancakesand on that it’s probably not enough butwe don’t see so what job baby haven’tgoing oh I miss y’all I’m wrong y’allthis is my first video up and I’mfilming in a while y’all the videos arepretty messy has been like stuff that Ipreviously recorded so this is a up todate video see y’allI only edit there one cook look up lookhow big videos pancakes it’s too big seeyou can always go after it on edge inthe moledon’t get too crazy add a little bit ata time and like half of itlet’s turn and see what you need you canalways add but you can’t take awayokay so let’s stir that around and maybejust watch reducer so I need to clean upbehind myself so yeah what I’m gonna dois to add a little jazz to thesepancakes I am going to in the cabinetbehind y’all yeah I move the way y’allstep back let me cold with you Michaelyeah baby this house are you crazyI gotta get way back okay becauseokay yeah so I’m gonna take a little bitof vanilla extract this is imitationvanilla extractoh I got this from Dollar Tree so I’mjust gonna add me a little top full ofit okay give it a little aunt Lydia andthen I’m gonna take a little bit of thisground cinnamon yeah I got I got great agreat value Oh stuff for days this Imust get a great value Krueger or DollarTree and I don’t know I got out kind ofseason okay so just a little bit ofSienna me not too much we just want tolook a little text look experimentwhatever okay okay here so we know dirtystain[Music]wasn’t he coming at this oh my god takemy breath awayso my the excellent your mom p.m. I’mnot using all this butter right hereright now right here right now but I amgo yesokay I’m gonna take a little bit isbutter so don’t turn this out I alwayshave to look so don’t like this nameokay put it on medium heat I’m gonna letthis hair stuff this hair butter milkand I’m gonna spray a little bit ofnonstick okay – so we can have with somepretty pancakes some pretty even thoughI like my mothera little burnt around the edge I don’tknow how I got that crisp on the edge ofthe pancake yeah so let that melt downcreated and I’m put to pay back forbringing you know I’m put to pack eggsover here[Music]I should do some mini pancakes for thisall right you know I’ll go down the sameway whether they mania be it all go to amessiah way I really do I realize ohthank you everybody who’s beensubscribing thank you everybody who’sbeen watching and come in I appreciatey’all like I really do okay I’m probablygonna do a simple video outside of thisvideo and tell you our like kinda what’sbeen going on with me if you I want tosee that you know if not we just gonnakeep doing our thing cooking but youknow it’s alrightwe we get through it we got through itit is gonna be awesome right so let meshow you all these pink cake so what Iwant to do is run that bottle throughthem run that butter through that say Ihad a good crisp edges okay but y’allwant to let this cook until you know youstart seeing the bubbles on the top it Iam a plenty of bubbles on the topbecause if you flip it too fast then andI’m sure I’ll yeah golly I could causey’all know this but understand for thepeople who don’t cook the people who waswho was me at one time who didn’t knowhow to cook I’m still like but I’mbetter you knowlit I’m Bethyeah I’m gonna see out and bubbles onthe top and we start saying the folks ontop that mean that other side feelingthat way you won’t have a lot of runningpancake batter everywhere you know butuh it’s a learning process it’s okay tomess up it’s okay it to miss you gotplenty of battle to try again okay youknow tell yourself that it’s okay to beso I gotta tell myself dickcuz I’m hard on myself it’s okay to missit the best thing you can do is to keeptrying right alright so bring out closeryeah I can see what this I ain’t looklike so yeah I can see up close okay soyeah see how this more focused on ya seehow they only got some little dots inthe middle it’s time to flip that babyit’s time to flip okay so you use yourspecial armor that day that pancake it’sbrutal fair look look at that look atsome fruit or pancakes okay and sopretty much all your other side it’sreally doing this you know just gettingdone cuz you pretty much cooked italmost through when you start seeingthem holes pizza so you just gettingthis side of the brown that’s all that’snot you doing boookay check on my sausages okay theydoing with it Zulu so I know yeah Idon’t need it that a long video of meshowing you how to do the pancakes Ijust pretty much show job so I’ve comeback to y’all when I get to the meatsizzling the sausages and then also ofcourse we eat meat hoo hoo don’t want tosee me taste this like I’m a Casillas soI see y’all in a minute alright y’all sonow I’m gonna take my sausages out theoven this is what I look likeokay and so this pan yeah what I gotgoing on okay so now you take thesesausageseven though that side let me tell y’allthe weird thing about me and theseoxygens though I like these address thesausages with mustard I love thosesausages with mud sir I don’t know whydon’t ask me what I don’t know but I caneat these sausages on repeat some sortof local bread that’s a muster and Itear them but I be next time pleasebreakfast boxes I have to eat I don’tknow I guess cuz y’all know me I likethe twang of things though hmmtry it though it’s good don’t don’tjudge me don’t judge me before you tryitbelieve me you believe me you use thelast better than the but I hand them ohyeah look I’m not getting dressed up tobe digging no house in the tank top thisyeah baby glass through this littlepiece of Quaffle yeahso you just left off playablemove around a little bit I’ll need youto get stuck to the pants make it hardto wash so here go my pancakes what iscookie look at my babythank you I try to stack them on top ofeach other so they can retain eat ohyeah I see it’s still smoking so theones on the bottom that I cook firstwon’t get cold so I stick them on top ofeach other so they can maintain is easyoh my babies my pretty baby okayso normally I when I’m thinking Brusselswhich I’m a having to cook a lot sisteror not having to I’ve been wanting tocook a lot um I normally facing my hubbysome coffee with breakfastbut he’s already had his morning coffeeso I don’t have to do this feel but Ifeel asleep in child so this should bedone I just want to get him still on theoutsideso after love six mere matter be playedand I will be very young and with thesyntactic this I don’t give me oneminute if you want me to say I like mylover yeah look do you outside our yardI like no my mommy cook I that Romneyand I can’t get jiggy with itjust let the so-called summon it Ohif we won’t go through some things Iwould have made this a real prettylittle time with that’s my scrubberisn’t everything material boots andwhatever but this thing you got dude yougot doing I’m just good okay so give mea minute I’ll be right back okayso I fix any play easy it is the littlewitchy always tell me that so good yeahokay so y’all I’m finished see ifthis’ll heat okay I turned everythingoff so let’s try this thingthis Chinese thing I want to try themwet out the third firstokay I can taste the sandwich but nottoo much it’s perfect it’s perfect it’snot overpoweringso yeah hello this is Hungry Jackoriginal sorry I don’t like flavorsearch like that thick butter and allthat I like original maple search okay Icould take to send me some oh oh sorrybabelet me get my muster don’t like this doyou try itshake it up yeah come listen always hada little liquid in thereyes ye gonna bait okayyeah I normally like to sit and eatbreakfast with my husband yeah somesacrifice a good don’t get don’t tastethem nowbut here you can’t muster on your sidein before feel like must number we don’tlike to like there he not gonna wanttried it but is so good there right nowmight I get some more them socks justone without better stuffandso this breakfast job I will be cookinglike even later than filming I shouldhave been cooking for these I madefamily for these last few days but youknow the deal will but I will be cookinglater on so I love you guysyeah make sure y’all stay safe or stayplease okay I love you guysplease make sure y’all like commentshare subscribe to the channel alsoplease make sure that your postnotification bill is on so you can benotified every time you girl and yourboy Jesse squash upload a video here onthe channel okay I love love love youguys take care of yourself take care ofyour families stay prayed up and I seey’all in the next video okay

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