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Meaty pancakes- home cooking

To help you overcome being stuck at home, this delicious recipe is there for all meat-eaters.

For the filling:
1. Mince pork
2. Two onions
3. Three cloves of garlic
4. Cooking oil (probably sunflower oil)
Spices for the filling:
1. Salt
2. Pepper
3. Paprika
4. Marjoram
5. Cumin
6. Parsley
For the thickener in the filling (optional):
Soured cream, flour

For the pancakes:
1. 3 eggs
2. Flour
3. Milk
4. Salt
5. Sugar
6. Oil


1. Fry the garlic for a couple of seconds in oil, then put the onions in and fry them for a couple of minutes.
2. Put the spices in.
3. Once you put the paprika, put the meat in immediately, so that the paprika doesn’t burn. Fry on high heat.
4. Put enough water to cover the meat, but no more.
5. Put the lid on the dish and put the meat on lower heat.
6. Cook the meat for half an hour, refilling the water as needed.
7. Put slightly more water, cook for a minute.
8. Put the thickener in: mix sour cream with flour and 10. tablespoons of juice from the meat, put it in the meat once mixed.
11. Cook for two minutes, then it’s ready.

1. Wash eggs and break them, checking if they’re good. Mix them.
2. Put some salt and a little sugar.
3. Put flour, then put milk. After a while, replace the milk with water. Mix. When it looks like pancake batter, start cooking the pancakes.
4. Put some oil in a pan.
5. Put some pancake batter.
6. Turn it in a minute.
7. Make all the pancakes.

All together:
1. Separate meat from juice.
2. Put some juice at the bottom of the baking tray.
3. Full all the pancakes with meat.
4. Put them on the baking tray.
3. Pour the rest of the juice on top.
4. (Optional:) put the cheese on top.
5. Put in oven for about ten minutes.

When it’s ready – enjoy!

Original of the video here

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