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Today we had Biscuits, Pancakes and Molasses. It brought back memories of when I was a little girl. it was soo good.

This channel is dedicated to American families and working women who are determined to manage life and give it more abundantly to their children and husbands. I am dedicated to introducing quick tasty meals on a budet. We had our children late in life, but are determined to stay hip. I am a straight talk old school mother from the South with a College and Masters degree – bringing you wit, challenge, recipes, fun, laughter, rhymes, dance and tons of enjoyment as we find some of the best foods and fun!!!

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Video Transcription

you still be starting something[Music][Music][Music]which know about Tracy suit so crazyalready be patientI was at your house you leaned back inthe chairwell he’s upstairs[Music][Music][Music]you’re what you’re going doing that howyou celebrate it’s funny I tell youeverybody begins to know you for yourlives and look at the size look at thesize of this they know you for yourlives and when they do you can saythat’s true see I’ll tell you[Music][Music][Music]we found Nemo Tracy yesyou don’t have your access togethersugar love try this the next race to golive in your car honey we got to see youwe got to settle play with you okayMia sugar love only love[Music]that’s crazythat’s crazythat mean these biscuits poppingyou gotta watch the pot from last nightthey had the cocktails in itnow I’m hungry I’m never hungry in themorningmy youtube pillow was Amazon I wish Iwas selling them my kids are here I’mcoming out[Music]what’s wrong[Music]I’m laughdrama alwaysblank-blank you need to come downOh Nosomeone get in troublehe said something mean to Blake pcs proshow are your kidsthey do a goodlet’s turn the banky’all filming the pan was hot black I’mmaking pancakes then you come down herepleaseI’ll have to privatize the lighthousedaddy said Oh baby[Music]PCs can be learned[Music]hey Tracy mama Moyer no one just noteven chatting we’ve got my cabinet openin the backgroundbonds on see my superheroes my husbandcomes down[Music][Music]you[Music][Music][Music]yeah I know one of the shop one of theshops is downstairsit’s a restaurant and shopoh you gotta get yeah you gotta go tothe gift shop[Music][Music][Music]you know I haven’t seen any of theconversations I thought it stopped theremama more you two million children today2 p.m. no no this thing I’m sorry I onlyhave 5 comments please[Music][Music][Music][Music]so good to meet you[Music][Music][Music]Angela quitters are you feeling Tracyshe’s so crazy hit got monetize yestoday y’all even remonster oh I mean shenow has commercialsvideos put the commercials in yeah yougot a little marker in there anythingthat was private go ahead and privateI’ll bring it back outAngela critters bitch is gonna be agrandmothercongratulations or get greener dick Iknow these are still juicing right nowwe just nasty wall look I hopeeverybody’s watched the oxtails videocongratulations Angela critters that isfantastic your son or your daughter whatgood news you just finishedcongratulations Eric Eric are you stillin here can you make sure you know myfamily member is Leila green organicteam bill with geo Angela crittersEric’s new met him at kickin up Karen’shouse nothing but fun meanwhile justgave me a lipstick hint I said don’t beon the live without lipstick on yourmouth cuz we’re just waking upI took the shower though there’ssuperheroes The Hulk Iron Manso I’m still trying to be cute I’ll sendyou something the critters I’m gonna beable to send you something right in mybackyardand recruiters if we do sit there weallowed to meet you we have a hook youwanna meet up where you come byinspirational TV hello sugar love you umme and pastor Kim are putting ittogether no I’m thinking like in thenext two weeks there’s my family dreammagihour cooking me my little frienddown the street[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]nose a mouth question my teeth what’scoming down like nothing you told daddylet’s do that I’m late for out ofpickles I don’t even see the pickle jarI think we ate it you want you you readyfor your pancakes AJ[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]would you like a Greek hey if you don’thave the powerOh[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]Wow[Music][Music][Music][Music]yeah I need a lot of eggs for Papa inyour day that you can have some majorfor eating kind of movie you can moveold-school livermush its dad you seethat tricks and shows that wanted tiredlast night vegan so late huhmaybe he’s thank you maybe some water[Music][Music]very good bleep let me try to turn itand not break anythingshe’s cracking this is what much doingshe’s such that’s the okay she duckedthe the middle pieces that are in thereright now she doesn’t sit in her handsand she does that and then she drops onthat oh don’t say that again cuz theycan come then do the same thing all overagain we’re not going blindly like theway it feels[Music][Music][Music]it’s[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]and you’re just gonna be cranky all daybut up a speak openly saying he’s gonnafeel better anymore that’s what I can doanythingfinally doing late I believe I wantBlake to try the biscuit maybe you wannatry a little molasses[Music]hey Julie locket or green organic again[Music]I don’t think they want to see it thatclose it’s kind of disgusting it’s notdisgusting[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]please put your finger in the molassesif you like yeah we missed it wasmolasses that’s like pancake with syrupthey won’t do the test of molasses thankyou[Music]OhI know just one way no I’ll give you thedollar my so I want keep the bottle[Music][Music]Wow[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]you touched right here here and keepmilking upyou know[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]thirtyI guess but I just need like three barsyou want some water[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]what sticks you fling it off you crosstwo sticks evenly and a ring which is onit flings and then the other persontries to catch it and then fling it backand try to[Music][Music][Music]it’s time to go I’ll be giving Lakerkarate clothes on[Music][Music][Music]not gonna say he’s gonna play agent if Ilook at some poisons bedroom oh oh saygoodbye to my guests family friendJoshua we can follow AJ drink some morewater before you upstairs thank youthank youhey Nikki Maura she’s new how are you Imean pancake session beaten ha ha ha haboys all right let’s see who’s here ohmy god Blake I need to put your karateclothes on don’t know if you’re gonnasee the cows out there today but theclasses right it’s not about you beingready it’s gonna Claire what pcs girlscut and stuff barbecue their new theirnew mom Oh ray-rayJoseph TV show Bambi said the oxtailslooked amazing I’m doing well up closeand personal with Cassie hi beloved howare you look at you drinking Blakelike hold on hold on okay y’all on thething doesn’t work so I have to I can’tmove the tripod over here it will not gowell like my coffees over here close andpersonal media thinkerJoseph TV thank you for coming pcs foolshey Horace peratis kitchen excellentthis is super here okay baby let’s getsome more eggs you know a JB Joshua okay[Music]eat something don’t look therewait did you want some water orsomethingno mommy I want to show you the starchthe starch together you all know what’scome with the starch flour glamorousteam village in media tinker let me showyou the starch[Music]my mom oh really you see it mama wailingit’s hard as a rock sir say hard as arock sirthat’s the starch rounded out okay sorrythat’s the wrong side flower grandma’sMickey Morris cuff and stuffSadie Lachey Hey Baby hey babyyou’ll be their team who a team builtwith GL two o’clock get your playlisttogether hi to your son too all rightyou guys we pulled an hour thank you forthe fellowship I know I wasn’t crazysee you tomorrow or Monday morning inlove fix this tire sorry[Music]

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