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How to make pancake-hasna salsabila XI APL 4

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Video Transcription

[Music]in here[Music][Music]honey[Music][Music][Music]bang bang heads in the set one is brownor yellowoh well see the bubbles on top of thetownso the bedroom must be so big they’rethe correct if all you want in hereeither great great honeybecause honey is so delicious yeah Sammythank you for watching this videoyou

6 Replies to “How to make pancake-hasna salsabila XI APL 4

  1. hey Carters Eat, sorry I missed the live this morning. I am working today and could not be present. I missed you all. hope you have a blessed day

  2. Love your bonnet super-she-ro! Sorry I haven’t caught the live. It has been a busy week! I haven’t had molasses and biscuits since I was a kid! You just took me back home and brought back some awesome memories.

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