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Video Transcription

today all in the kitchen with Chef I’msure this is the main man that told metoday you see we talked about raisin soI’m gonna make pancakesalex has taught me very well very goodmix milk eggsmrs. Google the whisk the spatula okaythis flat answer so close wash yourhands anyway but making pancakes we’regonna take a lot of cutter I don’t havea cop jump this should be about rightright there right therebad bad bad like that and you take thoselittle egg you break the egg up and outof that make sure you know get mostshells in there then you do a littlethis just a little bit just a little bitof there’s never so you got a twirlaround like that me huh BAM right thereall right laughing and then you get thatno empty of my people calling me milklittle bus in the right there ma’amsince all about that follow-through likethe jump shot we can’t whip it like thisshe gonna leave you know you got whippedup cakes but let’s go all the way she’sgonna be able to go okay what step I’lltry backit’s pan and spread it all around okay Iwould cut up the pan yeah okay get thatbaby nice and wet enough yeah or you canuse this fixin ojos through silverdollars y’all know about those silverdollar pancakes to see wait a coupleminutes so you up I wasn’t cooking myown foodI’m selling the old all this stuffthat’s what by watching somebody mothercook I watching by a war winningfour-time championchef Alex grateful that I was my spatulabehind you got a little kick you got alittle bubble first in the bow you can’tflip right now there’s no way it’s justgonna spear the other way those twopeople specialty right and one thing youcan’t have a dirty kitchen people try tomake surepancakes a how long to cook a coupleminutes couple minutes yeah okay not she look goodyeah no sleep no football shape pancakeyou see it oh it looks like a face looktwo eyes and alonewell yeah what’s on the bubbles alsothat’s the key see that’s the key tocooking good pancakesdon’t flip them into the bubbles rightnow flip this one firstI’m a gymnast more like a gymnast in thekitchen if you put too much mail to puttoo much of ingredients that’s okayoh I got some utensils for y’alloh you guys don’t want to eat in thekitchen and cook I got something comingtrust me you won’t be sorryI know what I’m nothing will show youhow to conclude but a microchip verybabies I got I got Kobe Bryant next tome no no happen when I get Kobe is heway we were raised 101 okay so a bit onemore flip flip on a blade like thisyeah yeah yeah let’s keep my seat aboutto make it pretty what I serve thatthe perfect gardenersOh

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