yt 95256 Mc.Donalds Egg McMuffin hash browns pancakes. How to make at home - Mc.Donald’s Egg McMuffin, hash browns, pancakes. How to make at home.
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Mc.Donald’s Egg McMuffin, hash browns, pancakes. How to make at home.

We made a variety of Mc.Donald’s Egg McMuffin sandwiches with harsh browns, pancakes and bacon. The food bought for this video was from Sawyer’s Food Store and Cost Rite. We use silicone egg molds to make round fast food eggs for this video.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

good morning welcome to my channel thisis the promised king and today we aredoing some breakfast and if you like meI wake up craving McDonald’s breakfastbut unfortunately I’m stuck on GrandBahama where there isn’t any McDonald’srestaurant here unless you want to spend$300 to fly to Nassau Oh pop on yourknees on March and drive over the Soyuzfood store I didn’t get all this stufffor idea to make your own McDonald’sbreakfast I’m gonna show you that rightnowalright so the obvious breakfast armwrong an alien bacon we have hash brownsyou have English muffins more over herewe have the brown and serve sausagepatties also we have some bacon Velveetacheese vast difference within spray soonly this stuff here is from Soyuz onlythe egg is from cross right and ofcourse remember my good buddy here fromthe last videowhat do you undo a spray your phone upget these hash browns in the baker andoven already had the oven preheatingon the bronze in the beaker what youwant to do is on the on the box with thehashbrowns they have the instructionsit’s so smallnot the instructions so you have to sortthis on and now we gonna get the Pitinoonthey are bigall right so we have two eggs on howmany Donald’s is doing what we’re gonnado these are the two the weightedBohemians do itwe’re actually blocked up and salt in itNoyou don’t think I’m you know no youdon’t sit downyou just let it sunny-side up you knowhe’s gonna lay it in son- yourselfsome queer men to make it fluffymr. guys would say the smell this isalready starting to smell goodan even more known- this is the harm and cheesemr. ha Megan cheese breakfast McDonaldsandwich McMuffinso we’ll be doing our swatches eggmcmuffin cheese with my friendso I turned off using some phone ringsthis sandwich is – bacon egg more oftenshould be doing nowit’s beginningalright guys so now you have finishedworking tirelessly to get thisMcDonald’s breakfast replicated at homeand so what we have here now is baconegg and cheese McMuffin with hash brownsyou have the pancakes now here it’s nota bacon egg and cheese this is the harmegg and cheese this is the sausage eggand cheese we call Julio we did the eggmolds and then this here is two surfaceand cheese McMuffinso you don’t basically all the McMuffinslanguages there’s a few more I’mguessing but Jesus what it what we didtoday right you have you have double mycafe frappe vanilla it’s just asignature McDonald stringTropicana orange juice can I drop yourcigarette juice freshly squeezed findingsyrup okay guys I’m gonna start with thebacon egg and cheese voicethis is pretty damn goodthis is accident and for a couple ofdollars you could make this happen rightat homeall right guys mr. Han egg and cheesemac my friend let’s try this agreethis sausage italright guys thanks for tuning in it’s apleasure doing this video for you showyou how to make this at all I didn’tmake them at Donuts Egg McMuffins I wasjust at home so you could have a goodbreakfast thank youvr the EXR 10yeah good morning welcome to Bahamasteen kitchen and and you wake up thismorning and you’re craving McDonald’sbreakfast

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