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Cook with Neven Maguire | American style pancakes

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Video Transcription

these american-style pancakes are soeasy to make so versatile I love makinga big pile of them serve them at thetable and as everyone help themselves wehave some self raising flour we’re gonnacrack two of the simply better corn-fedeggs and then we’re gonna slowly add insome Futterman and that’s it you’ve alovely smooth pancake mixture so it’sgonna put one layer Bufo here in themiddle of the pan and then you slip itover gorgeousmy first topping i just grilled somebeautiful simply better whiskey smokedbacon and then a nice prison of themaple syrup the next one gently make alittle compote with some of the simplybed accordions and then we have a littlecooler then we’re gonna drizzle thissimply better toffee sauce just over thesliced bananas and there you have threebeautiful and delicious toppings for themost gorgeouspancakes

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