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FLUFFY Pancakes Recipe

This perfect, fluffy pancake recipe is so easy and ultimately rewarding! You’ll love these tender melt in your mouth pancakes with a drizzle of maple syrup and a pat of butter but they’re DELICIOUS straight out of the pan!

Full Recipe:

Homemade pancakes are truly a joy to make and so easy! And by the by, you can totally touble the recipe for a bigger batch. Let me know if there are some breakfast recipes you’d like to see me make!


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Video Transcription

this morning I woke up and thought I’mgonna treat my kids and myself to somedelicious pancakesyou might hear some toddlers warbling inthe background but the results will bedeliciousyou’re watching preppy kitchen where IJohn Cannell teach you how to makedelicious homemade dishes to share withyour family and friendstoday we’re making a the fluffiest mostdelicious buttermilk pancakes you’veever had in your life these are supereasy whip up in just a couple of minutesand there is no reason not to createyourself in the morning let’s getstarted first off we’re adding 1 in 1/3cups or 160 grams of all-purpose flourinto a large bowl the sifter hoveringaround writing 1 teaspoon of salt 2tablespoons of sugar and a tablespoon ofbaking powder sift it up it’s like we’remaking a little baby cake in a pan whiskit up scale is done this can get setaside and now for the wet ingredients Ihave 1 cup of buttermilk in my measuringcup and if you don’t have buttermilk onhand click up here for the blog postbecause I have all the tips and trickson substitutions writing 2 teaspoons ofvanilla extract and here’s the dealthese will be amazing with roomtemperature ingredients but chances areyou’re just waking up in the morningthings are cold so we can pop this intothe microwave for about 45 seconds towarm up and then we can mix in our eggetc so let’s warm you up kids are upwhich means I have to get rolling okayone egg into my buttermilk which is niceand warm now I warm my milk for almostevery recipe I make it makes a hugedifference whisk it up now after thateggs incorporated four tablespoons ofmelted butter when you microwave thatbutter make sure you’re using like 50%power in short bursts you don’t want abutter explosion on your hands firstthing in the morning there is some waterin that butter and it’ll steam up and gonot a good scene stir it in before Ieven mix this in I’m gonna turn mycooktop on just have it on low to startheating up okay now pour the wet intothe dry and mix until just combined whewover mix you’re gonna get like kind of amore breaddense consistency and if you activatethat gluten they can kind of like shrinkback up we want fluffy fluffy deliciouspancakes all mixed in no pockets offlour and we’re ready to get rollinglet’s get onto this cooktop just likewith anything in life a little buttergoes a long way for helping things outso you can butter your pan this isactually a really nice non-stick pan Isearched high and low and eventuallyfound one but even still it’s best tohave a little bit of lubricant on thereyou can use some spray if you want tosoon as your butters melted you can addin about a third of a cup and makingsome smaller ones for the kids and thensome big ones for the adults if you madepancakes before you know that the firstone is not the prettiest but it’s stillgoing to be tasty I’m still figuring outthis cooktop so bear with me normallyyou can tell a pancake is done becauseBob will start forming on the top butthis mixture is so bubbly because of thebuttermilk in the leavening agent thatyou’re you’re not gonna get thatindication yeah not bad look at thatfluffiness always lift up the corner totake a look and you can see it’s prettygood this is what happens with lessbutter that’s more butter if you’resomeone who likes to toss things in thepan like a big shot don’t do it for thisrecipe they’re so big and fluffy thatthey’ll slide and you’re gonna likeflatten them out so carefully flip themover don’t get too much inertia involvedthey’re back to a nice warm position youdon’t want to burn your pancakes rightlittle drop of butter you know any cookwill tell you the secret to a deliciousmeal is a drop of butter and if my momis telling you that she just literallydropped a big thing of butter in thereone more you don’t want to walk awayfrom these just like oatmeal no waitjust like whipped creamnothing happened something happens it’soverdone so just be careful don’t let itget too farthat’s almost there you’re almost theredon’t know if you can hear but the kidsare actually starting their breakfastthis would be like the dessert part ofbreakfast they’re having oatmeal now thesecret is to give kids a little bit ofsomething good and a little bit ofsomething indulgent don’t give theindulgent part first made that mistakeokay perfectlook at that fluffy pancake mixture thatis the secret to a fluffy pancakegetting the right amount of acidreacting with a leavening agent andfluffiness ensues also not over mixingit very important time to start makingsome big pancakes for the adults so wecan go up to like half a cup of batterbasically if you’re making a biggerpancake lower the heat just a little bityou don’t want to like burn the outsideand have inside be a bit undercooked youcan also give it a little bit of a shakeand shimmy too to spread it out if youneed to you know I love a good cup ofcoffee but a fluffy pancake with realmaple syrup and a little pad of butteron top is my morning pick-me-up wheneverI like having a bad morning whichhappens so I just make some pancakes andeverything starts off right there anyother recipes you want to see forbreakfast stuff let me know wafflesmaybe I am so excited for waffles do yousee how fluffy that is that is a fluffypancake hello I can’t decide which Ilike better the smell of coffee or maplesyrup in the morning do I have to choosegive it a nice pour that’s thesepancakes are actually perfectly sweetwith a good hit of salt so you don’tneed to gild the lily but we’re gildinga lily and adding on papal syrup beforeI take a bite if you like this recipecheck out my quick and easy playlist somany recipes so easy so quick anddeliciousokay tell fluffy that piecesmmm a little bit this a little bit ofthat the happy camperand yes I will be sharing I only had alittle piece of the top one the kidswon’t know the differenceif you liked this video hit that likebutton and subscribe and I’ll see youthe next video

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  4. I love how you honestly added only two tablespoons of sugar, becauce I’m watching my sugar intake. This looks like the perfect pancake recipe for me! Thank you so much ❤

  5. I love pancakes on weekends And always like to try new recipes! Can’t wait to try these!!! I happen to have Buttermilk on hand, so perfect timing

  6. Omg, great minds think alike! I’ve been thinking pancakes all day, John! I want pancakes for dinner!!! Thank you, thank you for this recipe!!!

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