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Making scotch pancakes

Lovein it

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Video Transcription

and today I will be teaching you how to
make Scott Ryan careful not Maitland
because you can say oh just be like
putting fruit on like for breakfast
it’ll last
so this is what you’ll need basically
it’s like cakes
see red seed oh great green seed oh
great strawberries karma Capri milk
chocolate spread bananas so I’m going to
click my fingers and wish for the best
I’ll go on it’s cutting the scotch
pancakes I only pick two out so hope
it’ll work three two one let’s go see if
we know I’m going to click my finger
these guys it would got bananas
strawberries red cedar breaks green seed
oh great yeah now I’m going to place the
mod anywhere I want like anywhere
anywhere anywhere anywhere I actually
don’t know where
it’s my brother
if you saw the videos with him on it
it’s my brother he’s never been so all
his life I can’t say anything and this
is so nice if you watch it please if you
want only if one can subscribe no it’s
not will suffice you don’t write it like
that guys so hope you enjoyed this video
make sure you subscribe like our hit the
notification bell bye guys peace out

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