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Video Transcription

today I’m gonna be cooking pancakes goheal everything and the first thing I’mgonna get you some eggsokay well this recipe even the name XI’m gonna use a bulb pokémon center justto make sure on today’s show soobviously get out rings get your egg gotno shell that time then I won I will dobecause I don’t like my pancakes then Idon’t need my eggs anymore I need somemilk so gotta get some money so somemilk you named one cup and so you needone cup and one sorry so I’ll find itmight take me a minute all right here itis say 1 1 cup and 3/4 okay so if that’soh so you wanna get your milkthat’s a heavy milk here my brother’sgonna hold it he’s helping me out of itall right and then you want to put thatin that was one cup of milk then we havethis which are useful and then we gottadois also full of milk then once you spotthat in we do not need a milk a while soguys this might take me a minute to getthe Ultron firemen that was actuallyreal quick we need some vanilla just tomake our pancakes nice and goodthis is a quarter teaspoon do we haveone teaspoon here in the kitchen yup wewant one teaspoon of vanilla so go aheadand do that if you’re following myrecipe I don’t got one teaspoon ofvanilla and that will make it lookreally cool sorry you guys can’t see Idon’t have the best camera of it I’mgonna make it dude after that[Music]self-rising flour here it is Radio it’sgot a bit awake honey one cup so youguys um I won’t talk to you by you is itfrom milk so I’ll be real quick I justgot clean it will not take too longthat’s so attractive cookies clickersoffense it is clean I’m not making 50pancakes then a fair bit of thisactually I’m gonna get on this side weneed two cups of this so I’m gonna getone copy these stuff does come outpretty quick if you don’t get it rightput in a bit more put that in and thenwe’ll just do a little bit more alrightand then you want to put in a bit moreI’m not gonna do 2 cups actually I’mgonna do about 1/2 so we do extra yes okwe’re backing planted sticks if you haveto like you just have our ejector grabthe sugar please yeah all right I’ve gotsome sugar here shooter not too much ofthis just a bit of sugar overdose it okso Jack can you put in this sugar I’mnot yet put it in once I’ve got a littlewhisked up a bit okay it’s not too muchsugar it’s just a tiny bit just to makethem you can say put in a bit more ifyou want I just get like a little bitsugar not too much not too much so I didwherever you’re making it all work crazyon the sauna get this into a smoothelectrode you want to add some sugar nowit’s okay now I’ll whisk that up okayplease know that through about your GusI just get like just a little bit on aspoon yes it doesn’t matter how muchpiggy alright stop that and now we havethis is a mixture that we’re workingwith and then after you’ve done that youwant to alright this is the fun partthat I’m looking forward to sorry aboutthatelectric mixer one of my favorite toysin the kitchen all right yep so you wantto whisk this till it’s a nice[Music]it’s a favorite of a liquid jet can youget out the self-rising flour it’s thething at the very top this is a bit toomuch of a liquid yeah she also spokeabout Johnny little you should put subor what’s on this out for I say itdoesn’t we don’t need a cup or head andjust chop something just don’t put toomuch okay if yours is a little bit toowobbly that’s too much of the liquidsort of like too liquidy let’s put alittle bit of this stuff in that’s okayI wasn’t ready and mix it up with at itelectric[Music][Applause][Applause][Music][Applause][Music]ha[Music][Applause][Music][Applause]like can’t see good you probably can’tbe me now you got try and get these offyeah you want to try get these Lots achallenge for me yeah did you ever do itdid we just get them off at the end I’llgonna get to me just get some papertowels to put it onto here open up somepaper towels yes erm get a fair bitlittle 1/2 the roll no not half the rollon that just so it doesn’t because webut you can probably get those off ifyou can get yours off you can’t do thatum and now I’ve got a mixing measuringcup that just makes it easier for me topour it in so I like to you’re gonnapull your mixture into a measuring cupskate pouring at all it does look reallysatisfying if you look into the bowlI made a favour to mix it to this timehere we have a lot of mixture that meansyou can make a lot more pancakes I mightactually do a big pancake okay the mediaspoon okay it’s still comingthis looks very bored here okaythen we get something right you cannotget a fork and get all the mixture outdon’t write on it I’m gonna try and getit so you guys can see much they pullthe mesh mixture outrageous but refersseek it out so does it have to take awhileokay I’m gonna fav it out and I’ll getmy brother to quickly run that our voteand then I’ve got my frying pan backhere okay now with guys I’ve got mymixture that’s what we’re working thisis our pancake rock stuff I was gonnaokay so I’m just gonna put some togrease up the pin so so can you you cansee the pin like that’s alright alrightjust heat up for a minute you wanna endwhile that happens I’m at my time juston pancakes bit odd pancakes um not surehow they’ll taste if they taste the bestor the worst but umyou are gonna be the butter you put onyour fin I think I said that Obama sureso I’ve got somebody here[Music]I’m gonna put in a bit more because Ireally don’t like flipping pancakes whenthey get stock not too much not too muchjust enough to get and I can just greaseit up just get as much as like what youdo if your buyers get an egg flip reallyget it get it everywhere just allcooking just you probably be helping usa lotwherever it has the butters gonna youjust want to get the bottle although Isee so you can’t see it well cook themup some butter you from that’s probablydon’t see it you keep going to like IIcan’t see the butter and you can movethe oven so he may not be back see it isjust there when my fingers taking aminute to heat up but that wasn’tactually much butter out of it to behonest yeah you probably need just abouttwo nice tough like what you do ifyou’re buttering since first heaps ofbecause most of the time when you havetoast you normally have two pieces wellthat’s me I never have one piece oftoastbottom to grease up Japan and this justprevents it from sticking and makes iteasier to flip yeah this is gonna be along video if you do but if you do thatit would be really hard to flip you’dhave to and you’d probably end upbreaking your pancake so guys this videohas been going for 15 minutes is gonnabe a long video tutorial so while I’mmaking these pancakes I don’t know whatyou guys are doing cuz they take aminute to cook yeah they do take aminute to cook but like you just want tospread the butter around we haven’treally started to make natural pancakeyou just well I’m about to start I’mabout to put in my mixture first so onceyou follow the body you just wanna putin some extra we made earlier you wantto look like it is thick mixture youwant to put it in a fair B and you guyshave made the same thing as me Jack gotsome paper towel please okay good thiswas almost gonna drip everywhere and wewould have less paint pancake mixtureand then they wouldn’t be able to makeas much pancakes but wave right now I’mmaking dinner for our family they’regonna be some phat pancakes but okaythey they still taste the same yeahpancake who’s a pancakethat’s a pancakeso I give it a fair bit of time to cookthey just wanna like just you put in afair bit like say this is how muchmixture we have left and we’ll just makeit mom pancake so so some small pancakesbut we’re gonna make a couple I’m gonnago grab out some talk you want to likespread it around like you did with thebutter is that right yep all right sowe’re actually running low and maybewe’ll sear it but we have enough for thepancakes we need um I’m just gonnaquickly uh I guess rightall right you guys got myself a flightit’s one that my brother made when hewas like so yeah when I was like oh ah Idon’t know what else it’s just very badcolor I let it spread around like youwere doing if the bottle mm-hmm you justwant to UM yeah car lock moving you panaround with what you were doing with thebottle and bag and put it doesn’t reallylook like a page doesn’t look like apancake but here’s how didn’t I want toflip it some bubbles will begin to comeup on the top and when the bubbles Paulthat’s where it’s cooked so once all thebubbles on top have popped well at leasta fair bit of them that means it’s timeto flip just so the bubbles popping sowe’re going to flip it I’m just gonnasee if the other side is cooking yeshe’s just saying the outsides actuallyhe’s going yes then I cook the outsidefor me because normally you want onecooked side then the other side you justwant to be yeah these were to be likecooked enough to wait but then you gotthat one good side that everyone’s likeyeah we got the good side and just andthen you just want to let the other sideit’s gonna be an odd pancake but I’mmaking this one for my dad today so I’mgonna make him one and then I might haveone you see how I go and we’ll see ifour mom and my mom my aunt and my unclebrother our other rubber doesn’t wantone he’s just gonna have mac and cheeseyeahsimple I mean what what do you want macand cheese for dinner or pancakes videopancakes isn’t itwe can have it for you know well butthat’s the thing we have if it’s widgetscan have it’s in a cupboard we make ityeah but we can’t just have us chocolateor ice yeah then if we have it in thecup of we make it and this could be itif it’s secret oh it is breakfastnormally we don’t hide it in fact wejust bought the mixer from the shop yeahcan buy egg pancakes I use like yolkeggs and yeah we ask like that stuffcell phones and flour but let’s combinecake stronger look at my face I may notlike poop on the other side this what aflip and see how it’s goingyeah if you want that baby you just wantto flip it the other way I’ll actuallygive you guys over here my spatula downand that’s how my pancakes[Music]that’s what ones like I’m not actuallysure how to flip the camera okay kidyogurt pancake but yeah that’s why Iwear my I got this for my birthday andgood if you can come close no it’s aboutthat says my name it says a Davey butfor the camera it says Davey which isthis guy’s name but for you it’s writtenyou suck women today and then once youlearn how to cook up you really reallywant it to cook up as it’s gonna bereally fast like a kilosmaybe skinny I’m like a cake pan cake acake pink I think the reason as is fatis because maybe too much flour yeah weprobably put too much we expand it dressand then we put in probably too many nowit’s turn fixer we don’t have some fatthanks but you guys probably followedthe recipe and did two cups wait who youguys are again have some weight you puta little bit more milk but then we’dhave to like to the stairs milk would bemore runny and and then we raise itagain and yeah and they’ve got even babyput anymore so frozen flower there yesso babies really yes so that’s why we’rejust gonna go before we got some fatpancakesonce you guys see it you’ll see that’sactually okay you guys we got our firstpancake yup that’s how fat cheese is atthe fat one okay and you put yourpancake on you gonna you see it seethat’s our fan cake yeah you guys cansee that and then you want to come overheat it and you got some whole boxgrab the butter we were using earlierand grab some some but you just whatenough butter it you just not laughingand for a matter of how much buddy youwant yes or no yeah what you just wannaknow buddy you just what a buddy yourpancake rock toast you just went on heredon’t put too much fun is like if youdoing why it’s still hot with the butterwill melt and it’ll be so good yeah soyou want to put the butter or as soon asyou possibly can then you want to chainmaple syrup or whatever you havewhatever you have sugar women all thosetoppingsokay we got it and then you want to grabyourself and they’re not and I’ll youguys serve it to my dad I’ll be back inone minute when I surf Italy dadhopefully he likes itgood thanks he said he said that heloves it I can hear that that said thathe loves itokay guys I just gave it to him and it’sgood so we’re gonna do another oneyou guys should we take you alone towatch us do another one nah yeah that’show you like a penny we’re gonna finishit off there but thanks for watchingyour he did yeah watch this um hopefullyyou followed the recipe I mean it is along video 25 minutes so yes we did thisprobably do follow the recipeAfghanistan colleges yeah ferrocene howthis is one of my recipes that I use andI mean from there all I gotta say is bye

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