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How to Cook Fluffy Pancakes

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Video Transcription

hi everyone today I’m going to be makingpancakes first we need to open the openthe gas and then put vegetable I mean weopen the gas make sure that your momwill guide you hmm put it to the lowestI have the lowest fire let’s preheat nowthat’s how I eat the pan yes like thatto them know where we can mix them nowwe can mix first we we take ourvegetable oilhow many how many I’m sorrytoday one those – 2 tablespoon ablespoon of vegetable oilokay and then pour it another spoonokay that’s enough I’ll put it right putit right back and then next we’re goingto crack the egg are you going to dowith erections we should recycle it it’sfor you it’s for your garden asfertilizerokay can you sir okay just like I’m takethis and then it’s okay there’s leftoverit’s okay sirit’s left over off the eggshell in hereyou can just take your take it theoutput with your hand and then you putit in there and then wash your handsthat’s okay nice next we’re going to addwater like that how many cups of waterhow many cups of waterare you quality for 3/4 cup[Music]this is enough and now we’re going toadd the Technic baby grams 1,500 250grams make sure it’s all in there don’tleave leftovers that you can use yourfinger then let’s mix but be carefuldon’t mix it too fast this time okay whybecause it will spill all over okay andalso do not and also do not mix it webelieve somewhat we believe some somelumps so it will be watch so it will bevery good make sure that it’s not sosmooth and you have some powderjust leave some I know just like thatleave some little ones and I guessthat’s enough and ready is it hotalready let’s see yeah sure is not totouch the fan okay make sure not totouch the pan now do you do some what wescoop some of this and kick NYX becareful not to drop it be careful becareful not happy there we go[Music]and then let it sit for a while and letit bubble when your manuals that meanswith it’s now time to flip do you knowhow to flip yes there’s tiny littlebubbles that means right over therelittle ones but it’s let me just stopnot get ready because it’s just tinystill stitch I searched time to makepancake yes yes to make it on my ownwho makes your pancake was at that timenow it’s the first time okay let’s seeif it’s easy so easy to doyes okay let’s see if it’s still therezombie – no not yet it’s just time isfine so where do you get pancakes mostof the time when during breakfastloading lunch dinner or my snack I thinkthis is ready we’ll see about thatokay I guess it’s really hip it so welikeoopsokay not bad for the first time wordokay we’ll try it again okay I’ll try itagain you guys tell someone the nextround you should make sure it ishow many minutes per side so is it agood for kids yes it’s good for kidsbecause it’s healthy so okay we tryanother one okay try another one solet’s take it put it on the platethank you you try another pancake I’mgonna hold it for you okay make sureso for now we’ll just let it sit for aminute for two minutesagain I’m till you see what until yousee it bubbles you put me this firstever first pancake first ever find acoffee canit tastes good now just eating italready pankotso as you can see the bubbles areshowing up starting to showing on histhe spatulaso what do you put in your pancakebutter in sir but I’d say yes do you putfruits on your pancakeno no it doesn’t even look on the boxthey’re following the box yes I guessthat means it’s really loose bubblesokay let’s give it a little ten moreseconds and it’s too fasttry again this time be careful so thatSnickers very first pancake first timeto make pancake cigarettessubscribe please YouTube channel myyoutube channel is because discovery[Music]right now

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