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Live demonstration of how to make chocolate mint protein pancakes!!!

Live demonstration of how to make chocolate mint protein pancakes!!!

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Video Transcription

hey guys so I’m gonna wait for somepeople to come on you guys are gonna geta live demonstration of my famousprotein pancake recipe with our newseasonal flavor chocolate mint now thethe protein pancakes that I make there’stwo different versions and all I’mmaking one version right now what’s upJoshso there’s two different ways to do thisfirst you need to get a pan regularfrying pan and you need to obviously putsome oil on there and you’re gonna wantto heat that to a medium heat hi guysJosh Bennett John Bennett what’s up JBwhat’s going on hi Jodie so what you’regonna need is some ground cinnamon[Music]straight whey protein I suppresschase of protein this is our newseasonal flavor this is a chocolate mintbut you can use anything you want andthen I always use powdered greens powderfruitswhat’s up Santo iJustine yeah they’re sogood hi Jen I Roseanne and then you’regoing to need some coconut milk oralmond milk so so basically there’s twodifferent ways that you can do thisthere is a there’s a high protein lowcarbohydrate version and then there is alow carb so there’s a high carb highercarb like medium carbohydrates highprotein and then there is a high proteinvery low carb I am gonna be making thelow carversion of this so you need three eggsokay and you’re gonna do egg whites soif you want to make obviously for womenmy suggestion is to do one scoop of theisopropyl een hi kristal two egg whitesso just two egg whites your fruits andgreens ground cinnamon and yourunsweetened coconut milk or almond milkfor the guys so for the ladies that’sgonna give you about 14 grams ofcarbohydrates it’s also going to giveyou close to 35 grams of protein whichis great this is a great post-workout ormeal guys that are looking for you knowa lot more protein in one shot with thethree egg whites you’re gonna do twoscoops of the isochrones coupe of theisalean I Tammy basically that’s gonnagive you anywhere between 50 to 54 gramsof protein so if you’re looking for ahigher protein you know meal replacementfor just general meals this is great forthat what’s up Greg so I’m gonna makethe batter for you guys really quicklyshow you what it’s gonna look like andthen obviously you’re gonna stir it intoa batteronce it’s in batter form you heat yourskillet to medium and basically justcook it like a regular pancake when itbubbles you flip it over and you’reready to eat so I’m gonna take youthrough the process of what to do so soI’m gonna make the guy version andbasically so this is my ice approach isstraight protein so this is 18 grams ofundie natured whey protein with nocarbohydrates and it’s very low-calorieso two scoops gives you 36 grams for theone scoop is gonna give you 18 grams forthe women hi Andy so this is our brandnew seasonal shake flavor chocolate mintoh it smells so good so you’re onlygonna use so if you’re gonna make amedium carbohydrate pancake you’re onlygoing to do one scoop of the Pro and twoscoops of this for the guys if for theladies and you’re doing a you want to dokind of like a balanced carbohydrate andprotein you’re still gonna do two scoopsof the isalean but only a half a scoopof the ice of pro but I’m making thehigh-protein version which is for thewomen one scoop of ice a pro one scoopof isalean for the guys two scoops ofice a pro and one scoop of our deliciousnew flavor chocolate mint now you couldjust stop right thereif you wanted to but I like to make surethat my my pancakes have other nutrientsin this so I use ground cinnamon becauseit’s a natural fat burner so I just do alittle dash of that in there I also putfruits and greens in so I use fruitsbecause this actually gives you aboutfive servings of fruit with low lowsugar and the powdered greens actuallygives you extra fiber but also thenutrient content of about four to fivesalads so I like to include these inthere just because the way that I livemy life is that I want to make sure thatmy body is getting all of the essentialthings that it needs all at onceand honestly it since they’re sweetgreens they give the shake so much goodflavor so you can only imagine what itsgonna doobviously in pancake form Avani so thereare the greens and now I’m gonna add mythree egg whites and you know I gothrougha lot of eggs per week I usually gothrough about five dozen eggs per weekbecause I eat eggs on a regular as wellI do a lot of omelets I do a lot of eggwhites hi Jen so there’s egg whitenumber two and the great thing about theegg whites obviously they’re also low infat but high in protein but theyactually give your pancakes the rise soas the egg whites cook mixed witheverything else actually a nice fluffypancake so then I’m gonna put a littledash of some coconut milkit is unsweetened and now I am justgonna stir this bad boy now you knowlike some of you have seen my recipesbefore Allen what’s up and you you canyou can melt an ice a delight on topafter you flip onto the one side I amNOT gonna do that because I do have anice a delight issueI just eat them too much which isn’t Imean it’s healthy chocolate but I justwant to show you what this is going tolook like at the end the the deliciousbatter and obviously it’s gonna get yousome great high quality protein lowcarbohydrate remember you’re only usingone scoop of the isalean which isn’tgonna give you it’s only giving you 12grams of carbohydrates so this is stilllow-calorie its high-protein it’s lowcarb is low fat and it’s absolutelydelicious and I like I’m so excitedabout the fact that I can make chocolatemint protein pancakes so let me turnthis aroundall right so here’s the batter you cansee this is just regular pancake batterform you’re gonna heat your skillet tomedium heat you’re gonna throw it onthere and let it cook for the the timethat it needs to cook and that is yourprotein pancake recipe so again for theguys that want to do high-proteinlow-carb it is two scoops of ice a proone scoop of the delicious new flavor ofchocolate mint isalean for the ladiesyou’re doing one scoop of ice ax pro onescoop of isalean for the guys that wantto do healthy amounts of carbs andprotein you’re gonna do two scoops ofthe mint one scoop of the chocolate forthe ladies half a scoop of the isopropyltwo scoops of the isalean chocolate mintso guys enjoy that if there’s anyquestions I’ll go back through thank youguys for being on here live and directenjoy that recipe and there’s morecoming at you love you guys

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