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Making pancakes (part 1)

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Video Transcription

hello everyone so we’re here in thechannel called cooking the studies andmake sure to subscribe to turn on postnotifications so you get notified whenyou when I make new videos today we’regoing to be me we’re gonna be preparingsome pancakes already of the but thebatter setup but I’m just gonna actuallywhat I put inside and what I do for funto help my mom right now we have somebatter here you don’t wanna do the ballof it so right thereso this is a pancake that we’re gonna beusing it called and Gemma we also havethe syrup let’s get on to the better Iused 1 cup of this to make plot 12 to 18pancakes that’s a lot so we made thebaby so we use 1 cup of the mix righthere we lose its inner also saysinstruction right here we’ll use 3/4 cupof milk we have a measuring cup and 1tablespoon of egg oil and one nut eggboil 1 tablespoon of oil isn’t my cupkind of dirty we just use this and 1 eggright there those are the instructions[Music]they give a suggestion to make chocolatecherry pancakes and here is instructionsfor those pancakes and you can also makewaffles with this betterso this and then I mixed it for about 2minutes it’s really easy to mix you justgonna know her mixit’s kind of a little runny that runnyso when it’s not that runny you guysshould add some a little bit more milkso milk here yeah you guys should addjust a little bit more and see if thetexture isn’t your runny but it’s okayif it’s chunky but I just like it to bevery smooth use this measuring cup asyou can see it’s not one but two cups soit’s very convenient let’s put that side[Music]we have the board cutter we have to topit off we have some strawberries okay sowe have one two three four five sixseven a big seven hard-boiled eggs andI’m gonna be picking the chosen oneokay so first we’re gonna start off withthis strawberries then we’re gonna go tobananas and then we’re gonna go to theice all right so my mom pre-cut thesestrawberries but I wanted to show youhow to cut this big this is very bigit’s like two strawberries in one sofirst we’re the head cut off a littlebit some green the green part cuz wedon’t want that[Music]so as you can see I think it’s twostrawberries that got like connected sowe’re just gonna cut it in half and wehave two strawberries now so we’re gonnaworry about those later so right now wehave one half of the strawberry bigwe’re gonna cut it through the middlelike this and then we’re just gonna putit from the bottom to the top so we havesome right here and I would get to thisone this one’s pretty big so we’re gonnacut it in half again and I think we’regonna cut those other halves in halfbecause they can never be too bigthat’s what if it doesn’t fit in yourmouth so we got we could have we’re justgonna do the same thing go up we’regonna just interns little pieceslet’s try them mmm my favorite fruit iswater my second one is cherries and thethird one is strawberries I think I’mgonna make some watermelon water cuz wehave some watermelon right now I thinkI’m gonna do that a little bit it mightbe a video coming up of the water soagain let’s put that in the bowl[Music]they remember to wash your hands for 20seconds you guys can sing I think it wasthe Happy Birthday song or the ABC don’tworry this table is so we gotta cutstrawberries right now either gonna befor the toppings and they taste reallygood fresh strawberries too good now wehave banana so it could be more easier[Music]banana shaped so that right now we havethe cup bananas dwell there do anotherback nope alright so we’re going to putthese – we don’t have some so we got thecake here that we made a regular onewe also did some chocolate I tried thembecauseand we use milk chocolate we’re alsogonna get some cardboard so we also havesome hard-boiled eggs on the side youcan use bacon but we don’t have it rightnow so we have the plates almost readyhere you go now we’re gonna add somestrawberries

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