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Making pancakes (part 2)

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Video Transcription

oh this one’s big and time for the lastone to egg alright so we got the chosenone here I’m also gonna have a chosenone you want it down this side or thisthis and this is a kid safe night butstill have a parent and we have ourfirst place donefirst plate done but we have sometoppings for this a pancake we have somegrape jelly some peanut butter and somesyrup and we have that and gem monsterso which one would you like sir thesetwo what this one is the chosen thisplate turned out amazing look at thatwell so right now we have we first dipthe pancake we added some syrup and alittle butter we have two eggs not twobut one we put in half we have somestrawberries here and we have a lot ofbananas so here you go here is yourplate we’re gonna work on my plate myplate is the chocolate pancake it’s kindof burnt and crispy soso first I’m gonna start with the chosenand the chosen oh thank you first sowe’re gonna start with the syrup we’regonna do a swirl again just like I didwith my mom that was my mom’s pancakeand we just did right and never have twomore soon let’s go on with thestrawberries take some strawberries I[Music]like strong and now now I’m gonna pickmy chosen this slice it in there Wow[Music]look at that whoa okay so let me giveyou a tour of it so first we did thepancake we put with chocolate chocolatepancake also to try it so the pancake weput some syrup and we put a little bitof butter here we have to one egg againand we’re just cut in half and then wehave some servingsI want to taste it my mom is tasting itright now does it take I like mypancakes and your crispy nose try somestrawberries Mal’s times an egg an eggis very soft very good source ofprotestors[Music]all right everyone I’m gonna finish upmy food I look amazing and we cannotforget about a drink my drink choicewould either be milk apple juice ororange juice so we’re gonna go with noright now and use a plastic straw notthe one is that no this one is you canwash it not like the other ones this onesave the turtles son and save all theanimals because we don’t want to throwout my other straws so we want to getthem on-site that are reusable pouringsome milk and there we have our mealthis came out fantastic I’m gonna keepon eating so stay tuned for the nextvideo I made the watermelon motor that’sthe thing that I wanna do so stay tunedfor the next video and don’t forget toremember to subscribe and turn on postnotifications and we leave a big thumbsup so you can get more videos like thisbye

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