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How to make Japanese souffle pancakes without failing miserably // A step-by-step guide

Hi Folks, thanks for joining me today on “Jenny doesn’t totally suck at cooking”. Today we are making Japanese Souffle pancakes from the Just One Cookbook blog. Enjoy!

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey friends its quarantine day 1082 soI’ve been wanting to make these Japanesesouffle pancakes take a look foryourselfincredibleso anyways I’ve been wanting to makethese and I figured there was no bettertime then the quarantine we’re alltrapped inside so yeah apparentlyeveryone is baking because the storesare like depleted of all making upproducts I snagged a giant bag of flouryeah me so I’m trying to work throughthat I’ve already worked through overhalf of the case of bananas I don’t wantto talk about itI haven’t eaten today so I’m reallyexcited so let’s make pancakes we’ll seehow it goes okay let’s go alright firststep wash your damn hands don’t be grossI guess this is also a good time to tellyou subscribe and like this video formore thanksfirst thing you do is separate your eggsso put your whites in a bowl put youryolk in a bowl and then you’re gonna putyour egg white into the fridge whileyou’re doing this next part all right soI combine the milk and the vanilla andwith the egg yolksyou’re gonna whisk this until it’sfrothy so it’s not just a simple if youwant to keep whisking till rafi andbeautiful luscious and then you’re goingto strain in your flour on big andpiled-upand then with this just took a bind andnow it’s like a thick paste okayactually really found it that satisfyingand then the fun part whisking your eggwhite until it is stiff peaks and you’regoing to slowly add in your sugar so addin a little bit whisk it to combine adda little bit more with stat until it’scombined till our sugars gone and Ithink I did that like four or five timesand shake out your hand because yes muchtime has elapsedOh am i done is it listeth yet no oh mydone nownope joke’s on you okay it’s finallydone so now you’re gonna whisk about athird of your egg white mixture intoyour yolk mixture and you can be youdon’t have to be gentle at this partjust whisk it right in thereget get all in there until it iscombined okay beautiful and then thislast part you’re going to add in therest of your egg whites but this timeyou want to be gentle okaybe very gentle delicate these aredelicate pancakes okay look at that nicegentle whipping it’s not looking okayand then turn your burner on to a lowkey it’ll be lower than a normal pancakeburner or pan because these will be onthe pan for a lot longer then spread outsome oil disperse it well you know I’mjust sitting in oil and then you’llstart your dollops so I did three in apan mm-hmm first mistake very hard toflipso you do your first all up then you goback right away do your second dollop[Music]okay and then you go back right away dothird dollop and make sure you saveenough for like four total dollops oneach one and then you’re gonna put somewater in a pan just a little bit like ateaspoon 1/2 tablespoon help steam itand then put a cover on make sure youhave a cover you need the cover you needsomething to cover it okay mistakenumber 2 I waited five minutesaccidentally I forgot to read the fulldirections hahawith this last dollop so only go liketwo minutes and then go in and add yourlast dollop okay so your last thoughtput the cover on like you already sawand then another few minutes later checkon dem pancakes mine were ready to flipyou see the struggle genius[Music]yay that’s it forever okay and then morewater more steam great and then anotherfew minutes later you have peg look atthat Oh sickness that volume Oh[Music]then top them with some wishes I hadsome homemade whipped cream someraspberry jam and powdered sugar rightout the gate kay first impression righthere very soft fluffy little on the eggyside so if you like that it’s kind oflike French toasty but not not bad I sayso things I would change next time Iaccidentally put a little too much milkin so I definitely think thatcontributed to the batter being a littlemore runny than it should be whichoverall led to them not getting such agood rise cuz they were falling I alsoforgot to add the third scoop twominutes into the first cook time evenwith these little changes and mess ups Iwould definitely say make them if you’retrying to impress someone or you’rereally bored and have a lot of timethey’re very tasty so if you don’t mindI’m gonna go so don’t bother me whileI’m[Music]

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