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making pancakes mix and strawberry juice with milk

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Video Transcription

[Music]pancake mixyou add milk only perumilk to begin[Music]butyes[Laughter][Music]whatliquid[Music]sotwo hours later and then what are youguys doingfruit strawberryjuiceand then sugar one point[Applause][Music]heythisyou knowhey miami

8 Replies to “making pancakes mix and strawberry juice with milk

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  2. Hello sissy new friend here dnalaw na kta at nag iwan ng bakas kinulayan ko na ang bahay mo.. wow sarap ng niluluto mo sissy thanks for sharing… kaw nlng bahala maghatid ng sukli sa bakuran ko staysafe

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  4. Wow!! Sarap Naman Yan ginagawa mo ma’am.. favorite ko Yan pancakes..thanks for sharing..I’m here watching and support your channel.

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  6. Sarap gumawa …din niyan …heheheh kaso wala akong oven …hheeheh pan cakes nga pala yan hahahha kala ko CAKE hahah

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