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Just making PANCAKES

This my first tume lol haha

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

today I’m gonna be making pancakes all
right so I’d already did this
I’ve never done this before so yeah I’m
already you know put this in here okay
those are very big trouble
I got messy pants yeah well I guess I
gotta butter the pan that’s how I read
news direction back out
nothing sucks good whisk let me just
clean this thing I’m gonna say to you I
didn’t not like butter but not to make
my pan pans it’s gonna do copper
I’ll go get my mom and butter the pan
cuz I don’t know
I don’t fix it I don’t wanna fix an oven
but making pancakes I’m up
am I supposed to do I don’t know what
I’m supposed to do you just like I
really all right so I’m moving my mom to
butter the pan so I’ll see y’all later
there I’m washing my hands I like butter
I don’t like butter I eat butter but I
bet it did Oh fun fact did you know the
human body is all cannot take butter
just alone so if you eat butter
you better have balloons in your room
and say happy deathday so I could you
know and like 9090 like somebody killed
himself with just butter like that like
200 pounds buddy okay
later I might hit somebody with this
you’re like yeah I’m gonna hit Carlos
with this as soon as he walks in the
door baby oh oh oh poor person myself
one day mom didn’t know why this is
low loading I’m gonna butter the pan
and what is doesn’t doing he doesn’t
know but he cooks butter down in the
stove I’m gonna book the barter and bump
and then I’m gonna make just mix it up
with our bar and then you sit down and a
fun bottle by myself I mean you know
right here right come to mix let’s cuz I
want thick pancakes
with the whisk I’m not like we’re doing
yeah I mean it wasn’t ready
chocolate I’m gonna butter without pan
how are you talking on my butter that
Chad how when where I’m on butter that
pan by my body or that pick big boy
y’all see you guys for the LC guys well
good now watch me that smoke my family
we put water on it and when the water
starts burning that means it’s ready how
when what we’re all up in my
and you know okay okay okay okay okay
okay okay this all right here remind me
of my ex oh uh
are you ready to rumble you know mega
mega set up new song I’ve got amid some
pickax Anna make me your own brunch I
sit on the table then I make me own
I’m eating pancakes at like 4:00 in the
morning going to sleep but it’s my
poor it it is falling on the
wish I could show y’all but it’s not
raining even though it’s raining like
five minutes ago
hey welcome to Florida mate oh I’m
cracking my knuckles I just get bored
Oh little drop
just gonna be the most beautiful
pancakes y’all has ever seen y’all
haven’t seen a beautiful pancake Wow
oh they’re not my glasses or something
cuz I think I’ll comment those I can’t
even conscious of making pancakes like
how you it’s impossible how to cut
yourself while making a god maybe
because I cut myself
it says that me
in everybody
I skip and you know I would skip so I’m
gonna skip and I’m gonna skip all right
so being your own lunch
you all want to head into this never
mind I’m not going to put you in there
I’ll see you guys when they’re done
I’m gonna somewhere thank
first I’m making vacation if you only
really sucks I really hope I can get my
mom to just make brunch but this thing
that came up on top of my head this is a
thick pancake and I hope you don’t even
go to her waist it is cooking gravy I
really thought I was something I finally
made by people but this is barely Gardai
but make good chute and one is you just
touch I’m gonna eat it with nice maple
syrup maybe table and on the table and
then outside me I’m gonna put it outside
to cook things I just bugged honor and
it’s looking great but then I realize
that I gotta check on anything it’s
going really good I don’t need a really
sizzle but it’s really going great and
I’m really the new and I ain’t gonna be
the one don’t wait for it to die is it
not to me but maybe to 240 people in me
oh damn oh damn you stink
I’m the world’s best pancake maker
my name is dawn and I wanna make babies
let’s go y’all want to fight me making
pancakes I’m gonna make pancakes if I
could go to school and I and I and I
five had pancake mix I would make
pancakes everybody danke
captain I would make pancakes but
everybody let’s believe y’all if I got
access to the teachers lounge oh yeah I
be making pancakes you stand doesn’t
look good under you little doing
this dude you’ll stand doesn’t look good
I can’t tell and an Asian black him and
it’s gonna get too Rocking
I would just let it sit and I’m counting
on my banking I’m counting on it
oh I’ve always wanted to do this
and house number now target – hey
dan I’m just coming it when you see
dumping sides is some insights crispy
it’s all perfect it’s all perfect it’s
all perfect it’s all perfect it’s all
perfect there will be more videos like
this ten thousand likes and I’ll make a
whole chicken but if I know mommy come
on TV not happen and Kyle’s gonna be
here if he ever do get to talk to $20
lights or 10,000 lights or just a
thousand likes just put that in there oh
don’t you be says one I mean my
garbage gonna do some lobbying good I
think this sizzle
I did this well I’ll just clean up the
mega mess I made because remember that
thing called this is my first time
making pancakes put it in a pancake
pancakes guess what you want Peggy
taking Zeno out hey yo somebody make a
rap about pancakes yo all right well my
pancake looks like this 10 million likes
and I’ll put on Chef Boyardee on my
pancake I mean can you hit that door I
will do it
I’m not gonna eat this this is my
sister’s I made this for my sister I’m
making the Lord but in the next episode
which would be today in my pastime
Yamahas attend minimizes oh she’s gonna
be in our video I’m just kidding but um
I’ll see you guys later um anyways it’s
been a great day see you guys bye oh I
forgot to do it got to do it alright
good okay so hey you see this is
beautiful it’s my box click it you see
oh right up above me I look that’s the
box you wash our box we sit with video
click it it’s gonna be nice remember I’m
goes me that’s hot alright you got done
with the blood alright bye

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