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How to make pancakes (very easy)!!

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Video Transcription

hi guys so today I’m gonna be showingyou how to make some easy pancakes whatyou will be needing is a bowl a whiskyou can add vanilla essence if you wantyou it’s optional but I want to and Idon’t we don’t have the ingredients forlike the homemade so it’s already readyand mixture it’s already ready and somemilk what you first need to do is youwill want to take and you’ll need a cuplike this so first thing what you’regoing to do is take the flour and taketwo scoopsafter you and you want the text to belike a yogurt and extra then you wouldwant to mix it you can use to be it soit can be faster you could use themachine but I we don’t have a machine soI’m just using a whiskso mine’s a bit like duck so I need toadd some woman no you want it to be likea bit moist and for threeokayokay so I’m gonna add a bit more cuzmine still a bit thick you want it to beloose end of it you’ll get yourselfokay mine is tiny oh very niceokay mines good see the milk candissolve into it okay Brants good it’llbe detection might be a bit chunkythat’s fine you just want to get thosechunks then and if you want to you canadd a vanilla essence but you don’t needthat much vanilla essence so I’m justgonna get a small thing I’m just gonnaadd some banana something that’s meyou don’t wanna add too muchyou want you can’t let another spoon butI’m gonna have much Daniel when I closethe lidjust mix it and the texture is nice andsmooth not like it’s not that hard andyou know it’s nice and smooth then whatyou’d want to do is now you finished emmaking the mix and if you don’t have theready mixed you I wouldn’t suggest usingthis cause like I’m or I’m using it I’musing it ready now mine’s finished thenyou’d want to fry in the pan but youcould make it because you want as smallas you want but I’m going to be usingthis one and everything used to Holy Onegonna be pancakes okay so I’m gonna givethe camera to itjust read itthen you just want to wait to the cooksand your mixture we just stop happeningand that will that that’s when you knowit’s cookokay here’s one of these and then theseonce the mixture to pop it upturn up and it saidstarting tookay now I know it’s fumbled quite a bitnow you can start flipping it[Music]and they just won’t so can you want youcan just press it back a bitthen you would to talk[Music][Music]if the bet half-baked and your pancakesand how many pancakes you won outsince mine a big I’m gonna be using thisbig day[Music]mine doesn’t make that many funkybecause I made a small bottle and thenyouyou can make it thin or thick asstickers and I said any would you like Ilike them to be like puffyokay so I just got some on the side soI’m just gonnaI mean if you and make sure when youmake some tension so always with anethyl so mine is bubbled mines public soI’m gonna flip mineit’s gonna press it down you can addwhatever you want on the top I’m gonnaaddI didn’t make good too much in my packetso I mean you’re gonna add someI’m gonna add some icing sugar I’m gonnaget that in a minute[Music][Music]and then you can add whatever you wantvideo syrup and then you can addwhatever whatever you want but I’m justgonna add some sir[Music][Music]yeah hope you liked it so bye guys

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