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Making pancakes in quarantine w/wangai wedo

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi guys welcome back to my channel andif you’re new here my name’s Anka Kiharaokay well whichever you’d like and ifyou match this welcome back so todaywhat we are going to be doing duringthis vaporokay I’m not vlogging every day but I’mdoing okay I’m trying my best to blockwhenever I have something to do andtoday money I found those messin – okaynothing I like to eat for breakfast so Idecided I’m gonna make pancakes buttoday I’m gonna add a banana in them andsee everything hopefully go well andyeah come and join me who else was Igoing to tell you guysoh I did this yesterday man I’m withTrey but before this is like this breadthing for pressing it’s just like afilmmaker so I tried to make pancakeswaffles you get okay if you don’t getit’s fine but that’s what I tried so Idon’t be trying that tray andrestaurants or Finzi oh where it is -that you’re gonna juice so let’s beginwe need one and a half cups of flourall-purpose black from one I just putthat okay I need a cup just a secondand hey come on man – Man 1 and 1/2 cupswhether you guys like my pancakes ohwait I prefer okay mutters the wet emojibut mom way street is so dry latelyinitially before the math shoot somegrass should you do not put singlethat’s about 3/4 soon al to tomorrowmake one and a half but it’s usually oneand a half and have my mom’s phone overhere laughs – wait cause the issuecoming blew up okay that’s about one anda half I decided I’m gonna add sugar soI’ll have to eyeball some things herebut then let me now conceive the legs upII now call you back I may put somethingelse uh I forgot the recipe see I’m notplaying the India so four teaspoonsmaking barbell actually cheap it’s 25shillings in Kenyaokay most places I moved it is too smallbandagi one obviously you can use selfraising flour they do not just don’tfollow top seed story for living alonecannot mammy loop so oh wow thisliterally support I can’t get out ofFrench sighing what is enjoy bakingpowder one3-1 sorry guys just X not you’ve beenlisteningso start using with an attorney butthere are lots of things to keep me busythat extra bit further this Mickey Mouselaughs you know the fluffy down I’m thedeputy had five teaspoons and I use thispractice for me to be a chief now ifyou’re hearing hammock really quiteafter the common weight as it will thisgo up and it goes up a pinch of saltlime garlic 1 pinch of salt a pinch ofsalt if it’s a baby doodoo – or evenlike my hands are the size of 10 thumbsare you know if I’m gonna give this ImeanI’m gonna get this and mix it up mixdrama class together half cup ofall-purpose plus four teaspoons ofbaking powder and a pinch of saltyeah two tablespoons of sugaroh that’s Tammy them for metwo tablespoons I’m using two cupsplease[Music]I’ll call him back and have put in thepanel you know guys have maybe the sugarnot done half a cups of water to another up cause I wanted to know so I’mgonna put this other half a cup and thenwhat I wanted to tell you guys something- words so let me put that one oh andhandsome young blonde got so many viewsI’m gonna do thing left to doI think I’ll get to DVD to me you knowand see now break something else a hotyummy it’s those things I worked so hardto post a lot of things but the magnumbut I just sat down and thought of it tome because I have come from watchingsomething like that and I said I’ll makea move on then it’s perfectly in thenegative column but let me blend anotherand then I’ll call you back pal sayinglike patience is another thing you haveto have for this if you don’t havepatience they really think that it’sjust beauty be bearableyou have to be learn you have to planand then this thing where you say put iton the train that you have to live thatwas ityou do boom then it stopped if youremoving its continuing it’ll shut upcut up a thing I tried what I never dothat again bowel and it continues itcould be it’s recording I’ll call youback when oh I’m even God so they needuswhen I return this baking powder andit’s better not mix the wet ingredientsto the dry until they make a mixed bothseparate suffice separately added my cupof sugar I need an egg one and a quartercups milk 1/4 cup or 60 grams Malabarand that more for cooking and then 1/2teaspoon vanilla essence so let me getthat egg henna de Vaca name just beforeyou this awesome :admireOh beautiful Mumbai medium sized eggsnot too fast not too small I guess butlet me crack my egg on here and I hopeyou enjoyed Antonia visiting my momsince no diesel but in the shock thatyou bought it it was labeled basil 120to go a healthy thing I don’t need tofatty things all the time so I’d matiyolksyou know the yellow part that they giveyou your Wow that’s it egg yolk yeahcause this other part is called eggwhites among having todayedit all this and like cut cutdisplacing so it looks so much moreprofessionalhere let’s continue I’m just a yoquick let me close this thing I’mwondering today is the waffle team oryou know but then you can tell meanything because I love posted this andthis was a whole nother process I superfirmly hot before as a better cameralike not looking like in front lookingback at me at the back while it was muchbetter because they need at that timethey don’t have a feel good thing that Iput a perfect standard save me yeah youcan just put it back it and it’s beenfine so I happy cuz I’ll be using thatmore often let’s go on looking at me Idecided and please if you wondering theother do please like that it’s not likeany we had voice like that just the waythat the camera music because they donot have like a micro something I alwaysforget to to come rightthey do an LDC that and this multimediaand then instead of vanilla essence I’lladd coconut cream yes to give it a calfliverwith his reflecting hey he wants to liftme off and show everything him in myhouse so I need one and a quarter cupsmilk and butter and then owing to thiswhen I put some water and shake it up toget all that flavor and then I’ll beback with a cup of new well I justrealized that when they see a cup do youmean like those two English cups theAdomian like this team but the easything like to use measurements ofCatholic half a cup of butter half acoupleI mean a cup of milk half a cup of waterlike as long as use that same cupmeasurement it’s gonna be finecuz it’s still half of 13 like you getin it won’t be different because you’reusing that cup for everything so youdon’t use like an English cup forhunting and I mocked up for another andthis you get me you know then I put thecoconut in the egg cause let me tell youcoconut egg you can talk negativestudies coming out to slow okay so letme start putting this I’ve put my cup ofhere I need hot waterputting my quota and then they cook haveto add a business class or dance to thecoconut soup suck some of it you knowit’s more than the vanilla essence and Iwas replacing Roman glass looks sopinkish illusion so cute we put this inthe sink and this in the fridge and thenI’ll be back to start cooking so guysthe battles warming up and this is whatmy butter looks like with an image I doand then I’m gonna add that button hereand if it’s to Atari a lot of the mostlarge and I’ll use that mixing machineuntil we saw this blob school then yeahI think I’ll put it on a pan today andlet’s do this I’ll call you back whenI’m adding the butter then mixing thenat the other pan yes so I don’t thinkI’m not putting the butter in by halfand then this gonna make a nice so it’snot on so I’m gonna mix this and thencall you when I’m done eating it in thepan yeahso guys I have started cooking pleasehow my butt looks like better what I’mtalking about here you know then insteadof butter for the pan I’m going to beusing extra virgin olive oil it workedbefore and I did this in the guinea forwaffles because like it’s man stick youknow it’s a man stick thing so I have acondom show you guys and then maybe I’llvlog a little more and yeah I’ll callyou and um timeyonder Dean do not Rhonda I was justtelling you that I finished the pancakesand they ended up really niceI make sure a picture I made not even toedit all of this now but please makesure you like subscribe and comment ifpossible and when I also ended up usingthe waffle maker I’ll share this aliait’s this bread processing I might alsoadd that but I don’tsorry guys my phone cut for the mostfoolish reason ever but love you guysthanks for watching bye[Music]

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