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How to make delicious pancakes

How to make delicious pancake?

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Video Transcription

hi guys welcome back to my youtubechannel and today we are making pancakesfor one so let’s get to it so first takea bowl I’m using the small bowel rightthere four tablespoons of all-purposeflour just gonna pray what you’re gonnaput all there are crying about[Music]now I’m going to take a true tablespoonof sugarwe’re gonna fit in next what I do is I’mgoing to take our baking powder we areusing a half a teaspoon[Music]like this so now we I have to put somesalt right there gonna take a pinch ofsalt like a teaspoon I’m gonna take thissmall tiny and I’m gonna mix it so youhave to beat it baby give me air let metry tofu in the middle of[Music]we are going to date like70 ml milk we’re gonna pour it inI did an egg she’s right here oh yougotta just be one egg and before you putit in and after you beat it you justgotta put it in once you’re done withthat we are going to take some oil usingthe truth table spoons of oiltablespoons of oil so you’re gonna justpour the vegetable oilnext we are taking 1/2 a teaspoon of youknow the vanilla essence[Music]I’m just gonna mix everything reallynicely do not overmix you can make itsloppy and then it will be that as faras you would want it to be so whateveryou do not over miss I’ve done ittogether[Music]and I add a half a teaspoon let me showyou it’s very nice texture it should belike that we are done with ityeah right now I have on the microwaveand we are going to warm it up for 20secondsand close the burner is helping me withthis she getting some a small pan andwe’re gonna heat it on the low flamethen you’re gonna take some butter wedid a little BionicSanto so we are taking River and you’regonna play a very little amount at atime and you can let it cook so now weare flipping the tank[Music]click adventures[Music]I hope you guys enjoyed it bye andplease subscribetake the notification back and give abig like this videobye

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