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Making Pancakes and Quarantine Talk!!

Talk with me during quarantine!! Also made some healthy pancakes thate were not really that good!!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hi guys okay I know it’s been a hotminute and your rally like Nicole youhave so much time than quarantine whyaren’t you putting out a video um Idon’t know I’m lazy we are making thatbanana protein pancakes baby yes I don’tknow why but during this quarantine I’vebeen on a really healthy kick so I’mjust gonna roll with it you know I’m notcomplaining but I’m just gonna roll withit so I know you can’t see this but um Ihave two very ripe bananas that I’mmashing in a bowl I remember you guysbut I prefer my bananas to be a littlebit green and now everyone’s like wownow I just thought the texture of thefirm banana I don’t know I don’t knowit’s just just me it’s just the way Ilike things yeah there’s some and justfor flavorcuz I’m extra we’re gonna add a littlebit of but no extractI don’t really know how much I put inI’m just gonnadon’t know no I don’t get to choose mythumb knew so low-key kind of lovingquarantine pathetic not at the same timeand actually do you so muchwith my time like um my screen time onmy thumb has gone down I’m like workingout um painting a bit I’m not gonna lieI think during this quarantine I gotaddicted to PinterestI know ladyish but I don’t know what itis something about it is just good um ohyou asked what I look up on Pinterest umwell what do I not look up on PinterestI’ve been very obsessive um like I wantto get a whole new wardrobe the wholelike just completely breathe redo my mystyle but I’ll just say I don’t have themoney for that and I can’t go out to buynew clothes so yeah so I’ve just beenliving through Pinterest in that sensewe’re adding a lot more protein powderbut I’ve just been getting ideas or whenyou know I can’t do that um and we justlearned that I am NOT ever going back tohigh school kind of love/hate with thatum I do wish I could have said likeactually goodbye to someteachers because some teachers are thebomb and you know I would really have tolike I don’t know say goodbyethen again I’m like yeah I don’t knowwe’re probably not going to have a promwhich yeah those stuff for like we’vedefinitely figure things out there thenme not having a problem but also reallysucks is not being able to have agraduation or not being able to well wemight we don’t know yet but because likeI’m sorry if you don’t like chocolatechips and your pancakes and pleaseplease stay clear of me please okay sotry to flip the first pancake say hey ohI know I made the pancakes a little bitbut that is drawn pancake that is notpancakethis other window other one not too badokay they’re not the prettiest pancakesbut we don’t judge based on looks hereso okay guys I’m trying it kinda has noreal flavor SATs of chocolate chips Idid it againso just made a video of me making themand your reaction is the terriblehe took one bite he took one bite andwas like do you want it and I’m likenope thank you for watching everyonedon’t forget to Like and subscribe andyes I am very badly sunburned

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