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making pancakes and ice cream 🥞

I hope you guy’s enjoyed today’s video ❤

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Video Transcription

hey guys about – me too – no today I’mgoing to be showing you how to makepancakes and ice cream so it’s justgonna be like a little snack to havewhen you’re hungry or something likethat because I am kind of hungry andbecause I’ve been staying cold becauseat the coronavirus and I hope you guysare okayand you’re not sick and you’re takingcare of yourself so let’s get on today’scooking video I’m not a lot so whatyou’re going to need is your gonna havesome regular cake and mate I mean Ikicked mixed pancake mix any brand thatyou use we just use your light andfluffy brand so what we’re gonna do I’mgoing to read instructions so we get aball first I think she got you’regetting the ball[Music]Ohokay[Music]so we’re gonna put this we’re gonnastart cooking but we’re gonna put thecake mix in here put some water in andput it in the pan[Music][Music]thank you guys so much watching today’svideo my my pancake coke so it lookspretty good don’t it it’s pretty good soall of you guys and stay safe from thecorona I mean I’m saying shelters I loveyou guys and so I’ve been posting in awhile but I’ll see you guys next time

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