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How to Make Sourdough Pancakes and Sourdough Waffles – One Recipe! – Little Spoon Farm

Learn how to make easy sourdough pancakes and sourdough waffles with one recipe! You’ll love using your sourdough discard for light and fluffy pancakes and crispy, chewy waffles! Get the recipe at our website with a recipe card that you can toggle between metric measurements (grams) and US Customary measurements (cups) for your convenience!


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Video Transcription

hi there and welcome back to my kitchenat little spoon farm today I’m going toshow you how to make sourdough pancakesand we’re going to use the same recipeto make sourdough wafflesso if you’re interested in learning howto maybe use up some of your discardedsourdough starter this is the perfectrecipe you can use active starter butyou can also use your discard for thisso I will have a printable recipe linkdown below with all the amounts for theingredients that you’re going to needfor these so let’s get started in a bowlyou’re going to want to add thebuttermilk and the eggs and use a whiskto break up the eggs then you’ll addyour starter and whisk that up yoursugar your vanilla extract and yourmelted butter next you’ll add yourall-purpose flour and then use a whiskto combine all these ingredientstogether really well cover it and let itfirm it on your counter overnight thenext morning you’re going to want to addsome salt baking powder and baking sodaagaintake your whisk and just mix that upuntil everything’s nice and incorporatedwith eachother so to make the pancakesyou’re just going to spread aboutprobably about a quarter cup to a thirdof a cup of batter on a hot griddle andlet them cook until you see a lot ofbubbles risingup to the surface and then just givethem a flip and you want to cook them onthe other side for a couple of minutesuntil the pancake is cooked all the waythrough so once they’re ready you justserve them up with some butter and somemaple syrup yummy to make the wafflesall you need to do is simply pour aboutthree-quarters of a cup of the batteronto a standard sized waffle iron andthen you would just cook it according toyour manufacturers recommendations so injust a few minutes they cook up nice andcrispy on the outside and tender in themiddle so that’s it that’s how you makesourdough pancakes or sourdough wafflesif you like this recipe give me a thumbsup and subscribe to my channel for moreeasy sourdough recipes until the nextvideo bye

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