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Making pancakes alone for the first time…..그것의 아침 식사 시계 부분 2watch part 2

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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hi everyone saw you here we are gonnamake pancakes for my breakfast todayI just woke up I haven’t posted yet sowe are holding reading but the honey ishow about we’re gonna sleep you’realready gonna add some powder your armsor pancakes next guys we are gonna takea spoon and it’s under the phoneI’ll show you guys from the top guys soyou can get understand break this outvery well to mix well from the thingswell you can make a good deliciouspancake guys we’re gonna put it rightthere just a few and I’m right herespilling demo we’re just gonna make alittle just for me and my sister of itsno this is not a hate video guys at allthis is a love is not to hate video okayyou will get money for this thing buthere’s what my mom exactly told me abouthow they were first using pancakes I’musing my sister’s milk I’m gonna givethe milk to my sister next we have ataste testmmm we’re gonna freeze it for a sec Ihad a second taste test but now I’mgonna put in our fridge I have anotherfridge at my other hospital I wasincluding that oh so we’re just gonnafreeze that and we’re gonna do it in theafternoon and maybe within me apartapart whoo or there’s the bar portswell waiting this is typically me and myboring old clothes before see has mycoat I’ll take a shower so guys I justtook a shower right nowyou and I feel very now look the powerbox doesn’t very up so really on it soyeah well I wish I could go swimming butit’s dirty like what I posted we’re justgonna walk outside and do something bythe way they didn’t work yeah yeahsecret houseand then there is multi you got scared awhile ago and it was raining she’s up inthe chair because he doesn’t wanna bewet don’t you don’t you want I alwaysplan he always wants to be tickled inhere so he’s a boy guys and if you don’tbelieve me take a look it’s a baby boyhe doesn’t look like a baby now but he’sbigger he’s onhe loves it don’t you well when he openshis mouth he’s gonna get his aim nowhe’s like getting mad bye guys -afternoon[Music]

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