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My first experience of making pancakes | SamanthaSong

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Video Transcription

hi guys welcome back to my channel I’mSamantha and today I am going to bemaking pancakes so according to myrecipe it says I’ll need to pour in someflour so let’s do it right nowso now I will need to put in twoteaspoons of baking soda so let’s dothatand now I need just a little pinch ofsalt now I will need another ball thisone for the wet ingredients I have halfan eggsorry about that the egg yolk got alittle bit stuck in that shell now we’llneed milk you can use any kind of milk[Music]and then you need to mix it nowI’ll need to mix these two together andnow you mix until there is no big lumpslike that I just[Music]it’s taking me a lot of scoopsand I am definitely doing thatby the way this is my first slide[Applause][Music]so the first why not was kind of a failit looks like that oh it’s a little bitoverheated but the second one I thinkit’s okay so now let’s add a syrup Wowfor me I think I need a little bit morethat’s a little bit too much okay sothat was tasted oh and I addedstrawberries do you guys want uh yeah ohso good yeah because it has syrup allover ithow is the cakeit tastes really good I think that Ineed a little bit more since this isunder the first one and doesn’t get anysyrup on itoopsies now I’m gonna taste this oneit’s a little bit overheated but I thinkit’ll be okay this one is really bigthis one is pretty good tooso me and my mom just finished off mypancake and that’s today’s video pleasesubscribe and bye

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