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Wade and Remi making pancakes. Easy Aunt Jemima mix. Having fun quality time during quarantine. Willing to taste others for a review make a suggestion and hopefully its in stock.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

well today we’re making pancakes andworking on put upon him and worn out mywelcome all of water in flour in him solet’s get to it[Music][Music]I mean the top one this one yeah to thisthis is dead that’s it see if it’s donetap it on the table do another one andthe brand name is what buddyit’s called Aunt Jemima okay okay soyeah watermm-hmm yeah water and I’ll make the messbutoh yes you do turn kick it kick it kickit kick it you get keep it in the poolguys yeah yeahbye guys oh I gotta make sure youguys stir it up nice and good I forgotmy hmm hey my baby baby started uppretty good alright so then I’m gonna goahead and cook them okay put in oven theoven okay my mom’s gonna cook and don’ttest fire here I want you to put syrupon after and then I can I am going touse you want to spray it the buyers noton yet so I’ll go ahead and run themspray you got to spray it with this yougotta press the button let’s see thisyou don’t press itoh yeah there you gooh that’s a lot of butter okay good jobyou wanna try it too all right come onokay grab itspray it good jobyou’re gonna do so we’re gonna eat somepancakes and there they are sorry what’syour bottom mommy and we got theoriginal Aunt Jemimamommy can you offer me try it upooh good job perfecthow does it taste right up your fish Iknow I admit syrup I don’t cut it yousee the pork you put it sideways likethat you can kind of use it like a knifeoh you did it cut with them so you haveit sideways we can make little trianglessquares yeah try that but Oh mommy youjust ripped it up she’s like I don’tneed it set up in perfect geographicalshapes do you a metrical whateveror all right so that’s the end of thevideo right hmm happy happy day

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