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Making pancakes!

Hey everyone!

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music]is served from here to Albany it is okaywhy is that in here and thisI don’t know what[Music]it looks like somebody[Music][Music]yeah I knowthrow the powder and it’s the way it’stoo much milk to finish water water andtoo much water and we have to mix itreal good Oh[Music][Music][Music]and then I kind of move it around youhave to move it around I don’twe look at that police a story andthat’s just like[Music]yeah[Music]oh yes[Music][Music]well it’s like Artem oh it’s alreadyclosed really yeah it’s not even on highheat though it’s like already gettingcooked guys like look at it it’s likesolid this plate compared to the pancake[Music]nice oh hey pancakesguys we’re just gonna make a couple moreand we’ll tell you if anything crazyhappens[Music]okay guys second pancakeCameron right here I’m going to do oneand then just pour in the milkand then he doesn’t know how to flip itas he rates it every time so I’m gonnaput it[Music]OhOh tiny pancake[Music]get that one right now this is likethat’s a perfect okay this guy’sprobably ready to flip alreadybut that one was perfect he fell[Music][Music]a baby one it was perfect Oh perfectlycooked guys yeah isn’t it when itremember it used to be circle[Music][Music]like I could pancake they’re gonna tasteso good[Music]

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  4. wow .. super thanks so much for your new recipe i am happy to see a new one from you … best wishes my friend.. you like my new one to ? best wishes Tom

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