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Making German Pancakes!!!

In this video I’m making German pancakes, which is always a hit with our kids 🙂 The video also shows why I will never have a cooking show!!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]welcome to video number hi everyone sotoday I’m gonna make some Germanpancakes for dinner just to kind of getstarted a little bit on our culturalassimilation I guess no not really thekids just really like them and sotonight we’re gonna have German pancakeswhich are really not a sweet kind ofthing like sometimes you make them withlike powdered sugar or applesauce or orjelly or something like that butgenerally they’re really not a sweetdish so like I have to put Vicki’s beltor his sword in his belt really quickthis sword holder there you go siranyway so um my grandma used to make itfor us when I was little and she wouldmake it with spinach so usually you putlike finely chopped spinach and I’m withmaybe some cheese or something like thatbut that was the that what that’s awhole meal but what my kids really likeis meat filling so I don’t we don’t buyany beef anymore because of climatechangeand we don’t eat a lot of meat ingeneral but right now a lot of kids areso young I really want them to have liketheir full set of amino acids so we doeat turkey sometimes ground turkey forexample we eat some fish of course orchickenwe don’t eat anymore beef so anyway sothis is what I’m doing right now I’mjust preparing the turkey I put a littlebit of pepper and salt in it and thenadd some cinnamon because cinnamon givesa kind of a really nice sweet kind offlavor and it just it smells really goodthe kids really like it so that’s whatI’m making right now so we’re gonna gohiking in about an hour and then when wecome back at least the filling will bedone because it takes me approximately45 minutes to make the actual pancakesand get those ready so at least we’llhave one step of dinner ready when wegettonight so what I do next is just addlike a simple marinara sauce or liketomato whatever kind of tomato sauce andthen that’s it that’s the filling of thepancakes and then usually I put someparmesan over itlet it settle all abilities seep alittle bit steep a little bit and that’skind of it that’s the dinner so I makethese pancakes from scratch of courseand I will get to that later after ourhike when we’re all exhausted and comeback and super hungry I hope from thefresh air so I’ll do that in a littlebit okay so now I’m gonna start makingthe actual pancakes so I need some flourthat’s kind of the basis of it all isjust some flour so I honestly don’t havelike exact measures for this at all Ijust dump flour cuz I know I know whatit’s gonna it should taste like ofcourse so it’s a little hard for me tohave a good precise recipe anyway so I’mjumping about this is about two and ahalf cups of flour and that’s kind of alot honestly and then we need an eggjust one egg and then you’re gonna havea banana if you want oh okayno there’s no parent can’t we have tohave dinner first help me healthy foodfirstno no it’s thank you so then I add alittle bit of I add an egglike I mentioned okay anyway so now Ihave an egg in here and it’s obviouslyjust how her andso I have to dump pretty decent amountof milk in here so again I’m doing thiskind of just I don’t know I guessintuitively to see the consistency theconsistency has to be right it has to bepretty liquidy actually because we haveto put this in the in the pan and it hasto spread across the whole pan so it’salmost like french crepes to some degreebut it’s not as thin absolutely not okaydumping more milk in here stir stir stirand then I’m also adding a little bit ofsalt not too much just a little bit andthen I just stir this stir no because ithad big in it just stir it your job areyou making German pancakes are youexcited yeah she’s got a yummy dish huhyou want to eat it don’t you know knowwhen it’s done keep stirring okay so nowit looks kind of like this theconsistency is a little bit like paint Iwould say so yeah we have about two anda half cups of flour tiny bit of salt 1egg okay and just enough milk to make itlike this give it this consistency sonow the next step is we have our panready to go and so now is eqh be carefulbuddy don’t spill the milk that’s a bigmess so now we’re just gonna take somebutterand dump it into the pan boink I used tomake this with olive oil just cuz Ireally like olive oil I think it’s superhealthy but it just doesn’t really worklike that the temperature doesn’t getright and so the pancakes don’t theydon’t turn out well so it doesn’t workit’s it has to be kind of like that kindof fat I guess so now I’m gonna turn onmy oven to keep warm because this islike I said earlier gonna take me about40 minutes to get through with this muchdough yeah 40 minutes at least so theyof course have to stay warm as they comemusic you you and your pinky bootyanyway so yeah so we’re gonna let thisbutter melt in here now and over here wehave our filling the meat so I’m justgonna beat that up in a second here tokeep it get it started get it warm forwhen we need it to fill the pancakesokayand now I think we’re ready yesyeah are we ready to dump it in yeah youthink so yeah all rightI think so too soon oh the motor itbutter is melted and now we’re justgonna take kind of a big ladle this isgonna be hard with one hand here’s mybig ladle dig in but it’s still a littlebit thick like I think that I mightactually put in a little bit more milkbring it over here and immediately whichis a little tricky make it move see ohoh this is too thick it’s still toothick so I’m gonna have to try this onemore time and add a little bit more milklet’s do it together good idea so Ireckon terrific so I just broke withshame we can’t go tight now okay so nowNoah’s gonna make one the Venge is donelittle bit loud but now it’s Noah’s turnto make a pitbut are going here I have to have thisvent on because I’m afraid yes firealarm is gonna go off and I don’t knowhow to turn it off okay no here you golast one such a noble thing and done forwatch your fingers right in the middlethere you goyep see my agility hurry turn it aroundright now you’re not gonnaget it all nice and I’ll send my aroundlike oval nice my friend iord oh myfriend he’s not good at itwe keep ready so now you just wait alittle bit[Music]it’s not a butter knife here brother bagis like a psycho knife like from themovieI was mom I held a butter knife beforethe butcher’s knife you know fletcher’sI’m gonna treasure the words for suremaybe in your world okay here take thisthing whatever that’s called site bolaspatula not I don’t know whatever anywayprobably got below so do it and thenflip it do it do what what do what cheerhim on Danifocus and whoa good job cheering ahhhcheering ahhh cheering ahhh cheeringahhh now look at me are you proud okayso now the last part of this wholeconcept here we have our pancake here wehave our filling and again you can makethis with like spinach we usuallyprobably sometimes make it with spinach- I just dumped a bunch of spinach inthe meat here just to make it healthierso now you just spoon it on here and Isit in the middle[Music]just the middle it’s like it it’s almostlike a burrito or something to justleave it in the middle no no I mean youdump a bunch of Parmesan cheese this isvery hard to do with one hand but and alittle bit more parmesan German pancakesyou’re like kid are you do you need thechair insteadwell chair appetizer do you want somecheese yeahso Zeek he’s not really into a red sauceso this is the keysyou

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