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Making Pancakes for Meatball

Welcome. We vibe. We make pancakes. For the meaty boi. Aka my Syrian Hamster.



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Video Transcription

this is an intro it’s not an intro thisis a warning ahead of time I’m sorry forthe bad audio it’s the fan it’s not likethat throughout the video this is awarning that this is not aprofessionally shot video it’s notfilmed on like a good camera it’s notedited with a good PC it is shot andedited on a iPhone that is janky as helland I’m sorry for that I put a poll onmy Twitter asking people what I shouldmake meatball and the options werepancakes cake and spaghetti pancakes oneobviously that’s why we’re here you willbe getting spaghetti and cake at somepoint but I don’t know one um don’t getyour hopes up for this video it’s reallyjust mostly me being chaotic and thenmeatball vibing so yeah this whole videois me vibing with meatball it’s been cutdown a lot so that you only get me beingchaotic and meatball cuz that’s whatyou’re here for is meatball but I’mself-centered so you’re also gonna getme being chaotic while I make thepancakes um so yeah that’s really it andenjoy the video I guess I have the leastsoothing voice I’m gonna make pancakesfor my hand sir pancakesI suck at making pancakes I not good atthispancakes he’s only up at night so I’mgonna wake him up from his nap whenthese are done and cooled off of courseright um we’re gonna eyeball this ah I’mjust sure it was like a toothpick orsomething I don’t straw straw I don’thave a tiny spoon with my bare hand tocheck the heatyou know how there is saltthis is salted that was salted where isthe unsalted both are you salted oh mygod cholesterol[Music]I’m just dumb wasting away out the dooryes this is gonna be a long video forthe fact of what the meaty boy not methus thickening up let me add morepizzazzwhy don’t why I don’t think cup it’sbubbling that’s how you know it’s goodoh that’s no I did it on cameramommy father why are the holes in thepancake this is where we ended stillpancake okay um I don’t know if they canhave cereal I don’t think they can comein honey I’m not know cuz it can likeget stuck in this part but I think youhave butter I got tiny bit of butter I’mnot risking it so let me plate these andbring them down so you can see thisstill editing uh um the next nineminutes of this are unedited cuz theyare meatball and it’s really just metalking and you can speed through it I’mprobably going to tone down what I’msaying very low because it’s veryunimportant I’m just talking it’sirrelevantum and I’m gonna play some music orsomething and you just watch andmeatball eat and me handle him andyou’ll see that he’s currently asleep soI’d show you him now but I can’t butyeah what you’re about to see is justvibing I guess yeah you’ll see me againat the end of the video for an outro[Music][Music][Applause][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]you[Music]okay so all of the music and it’s byJeff you can go to his Instagram hemakes really good music all of its areusually on end shot and I use it forpretty much every video I make whetherit be speed paints or videos like thisso if you really like his music like Ido please go to his Instagram and showhim some love because top quality musicokay that’s all good byeI’m having to read from the atre I justfilmed the outro I’m having to read filmit because I went on a tangent abouthamster cages and I shouldn’t have um myphone then decided to turn the camera ittook me a completely took me out of ityeah ok that’s fine too brief illness sothis is um this is really an outro totalk about what I basically said in theprevious scene that I muted because Ididn’t think about it um so if you’recurious I was talking about meatball soI’m just gonna tell you a littleinformation about meatball and um yeahenhancers in general so that peopledon’t think I’m horrible and don’tactually care about him and I’m justmaking pancakes to make him pancakeshamsters don’t live that long they liveon average 3 years 5 years if you reallycare about them and actually take decentcare of them um and make it there’stimes where they can live up to ignorethan that but he doesn’t live that longhe has a big cage people don’t like thathe is people in my family don’t likethat he has a big cage the thing it’salways some money umhamsters fun fact they go distances of7.5 miles at night they can travel 7.5miles at night because they’re nocturnalthey’re nocturnal which means they sleepduring the day and they run on therereal at night so if you can’t sleep withnoise do not get a hamster and or anynocturnal animal unless they were in adifferent room so meatballs cages rightthere that’s a big-boy cageright Big Boi cage um[Music]that’s it no um this again just forpeople who are actually curiousmeatballs birthday is in MayI didn’t celebrate it this year becauseit was the first year and quite franklyI completely forgot about it because Idon’t care about his birthday he is ayear old I got it when he was threemonths August 21st 2020 I will have hadhim for a year and it’ll be his adoptiveursery that is the day that I will becelebrating as his birthday and hisadopted sir he is a year oldas of now so big boys lived a big chunkof his life already so I give him a goodlife that is my point they don’t livethat longI want him to have a good life PointBlank period and I love him I adore himhe’s my baby boy I remember the day Igot him was like one of the happiestdays of my life me and my friend Lillywent to go get himLilly dude that I forget the name of ifyou’re watching this I’m sorry oh I wastoo busy focused on my hamster at thetime that’s all I cared about and he bitme the first day I got him and he’snever been me since a parent hunterclaims that he’s bit him and I don’the’s never been in hunt he doesn’t bitepeople unless you stick your finger inhis mouth he won’t bite simple periodpoint-blank periodhe’s a good boy leave him alone um buthamsters right relevant everything Ijust said ignore that if you want to geta Hampshire get a hamster do researchbefore you get a hamster do researchbefore you get any pet ever if you arecurious and what to get a hamstermessage me I will send you links to thewebsites that I use to research I willtell you everything I knowthey take commitment they take time theytake commitment you have to a cleanerkit I’m very passionate about takingcare of hamsters butso many people get hampshire’s as likean accessory or a toy for their kid andthat angers me this much I don’t getangry easily but it makes me mad um itjust makes me mad they’re not toysthey’re not accessories they’re livingcreatures you have to take care of themI’m very passionate about this I’m sorryif I’m coming off as aggressive thereI’m just very passionate about it but ifyou are considering getting a Hampshiremessage if you were legitimatelyconsidering it if you’re jokingI will not message you but if you’relegitimately considering getting ananswer message me and I’ll tell you whatI know and I will gladly help you onyour path to getting a hamster I don’tcare about anything elseso I like him I like rodent rodentsfavorite animal chunky boys anywaysirrelevant but yeshamsters that’s just the information Ihave for you that’s information onmeatball that’s basically what I talkedabout in the previous scene and yeah ifyou watch this long thank you Iappreciate ithope you enjoyed watching me bosstrunking face and mine I appreciateeverything have a good day I’m about togo take a phat math after I post this sohave a good day I love

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