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Check out this video to watch Ms. Kyra (and Coach Lamb) make special pancakes from scratch. Also be sure to check out epic footage of our cat, Sumi.

The recipe in this video is based on Mama Knows Gluten Free’s “Easy Gluten-Free Pancakes,” so be sure to check out the recipe here:

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

so to start we already started hestarted I thought you’re gonna do Nikkidinki edit it later[Music]what’s up everyonewe’re in the kitchen first video let’ssee how this works we’re gonna be makingwhat are we making today miss Kyra whoare making pancakes but because MissKyra’s special we have to make specialpancakes what makes these pancakesspecial so everything can be made usingdairy or using things that are like likegluten and all that so what’s the dealwith gluten um some people just havelike a sensitivity or even some peoplehave an allergy to it and so for me itjust kind of messes with my digestionalright so some people are very veryspecialsome people can eat literally anythingthat can be fun yet all right so sofirst thing because I’m not gonna use anegg I’m gonna make this vegan I’m gonnamake something called a flax egg whichis using flax seed ground up into what’scalled flax meal and making that egglike so I put a tablespoon of it into alittle dish and then to make the flategg out of it you just add two and ahalf tablespoons of water to it onetablespoon and a half and then you justlet that sit for a little bit so it cancan’t congeal I think it all slimy andgross so the next thing that I’m goingto do is I’m going to create other partsof it which is coconut sugar and thenI’ll add some avocado oil to this aswellcan you use any other oil yeah you canpretty much use any oil that you want Iwouldn’t recommend olive oil becausethen your pancakes are gonna like oliveoil and that’s kind of grossunless you want to eat them for lunchwell let that be fine like you don’t addsyrup and other stuff like if you use itas like I don’t say like a bread butlike a bread and koukin so I pretty muchadd everything else to it as well sothis is baking powder as opposed tobaking soda and then because gluten actsas a kind of fluffer in the flour oreverything that you use in it kind oflike binds binds things together so Idon’t have that in my gluten-free flourso there’s something called xantham gumwhich essentially acts the same way andso I’m going to use a quarter teaspoonof thatand then I’ll also use a quarterteaspoon of salt cumin salt is that weit’s coarse salt but it’s just regularwhat is it do we store the boxes of ityeah but it’s not just like fine grainits kosher salt so it’s really coarseits coursekosher salt fun storywe bought it one time then we thought wewere out of salt and so what did you doyou bought a hold of the box of it andthis really tried to tell me that wealready had it and I was like no wecertainly do not have it and so I madeus buy another box and we got home andthis is like four years ago and I thinkwe’re still going through the first boxdid we do we still have the other box ordid you give it awayI think it’s one box we’ve gone throughalmost this is like it still has like aI would say like a 1/5 it might be 20%of the salt still in there but in fouryears it’s taking us that long to gothrough one box of salt so you don’tneed a lot of salt added to anythingokay and so by this time when I’ve kindof whisked together everything that Ihad in there I’m now ready to add myflax egg and it’s probably not as jellyas it needs to be but I’m really hungryso I’m gonna go ahead and put it inthere and whisk that together[Music]get that it doesn’t look superappetizing it doesn’t look that grosseither it looks like like if you were tobuy almond butter and so now I’m gonnaswitch to my special that what this iscalled yeah whatever you want to call itI think it’s called a special you guysbut I don’t really cook I just makemyself pancakes so I’m going to use thespatula to blend in the flour now eighthcup satisfaction or is this a spatula Ithink this is a spatula clearly we’reexperts at this because we know that allthe other things yeah it’s a cup offlourmmm when love will cut you getting lowon that flour and yeah but I just need ablend more it’s okay it’s a blend ofvarious types of flours so that way itcan be gluten-free and so it’s gonna bereally dry at this point cuz I haven’tadded the liquid but that’s okay I’mjust gonna try to kind of almost likesqueeze these things together start toblend it and then after this I’m gonnaswitch back to my whisk you know add inthe liquid and also at this point I’mgonna turn by slash medium-low closer tomedium to medium low and there’s gonnalet that get hot while you add your milkand I’m using almond milk because dairydairy-free lactose intolerant so I can’thave it less I take a pill and so thisis gonna be like three-quarters of a cupthat recipe technically calls for butthat makes them thick pancakes and Iwant more pancakes than that so I’mgonna do close to a cup and then I’llsee the consistency of whether or not Ineed to add more[Music]so that’s pretty good for my pancake soI’m just gonna keep whisking so they getkind of less lumpy looking cool Alexgood that’s a good consistency like thatuse a good shot yep we’re learning orlearning to measure out like how big Iwant my pancakes to be I use a quartercup I use a ceramic pan in so it’s nottotally stick free so I need to use sometype of butter butter to kind of keep itgreasy so it doesn’t stick no you don’treally get a full pancake you get a halfa pancake with the other part take downthere caked on there so I’m gonna useagain vegan butter and I’m just gonnaput that in the pan and it’s not superhot yet otherwise this would be likesizzling but it’s getting there and thenI’m just gonna like squeeze it aroundand yes it’s not the color of regularbutter obviously so don’t judge untilyou tried it but I’m just gonna wellsome butters like that cut around yeahmaybe you think like that Kerri gothe ieaders butter butter was it prettygood no now I just want to go weird aweird thing so there we gobut now right sitting this has got alittle bit bigger so I’m gonna add moreliquid because more almond milk the morethe more pancakes the better it’s thinis fine yeah I mean I take some fun[Music]yeah you let the pancakes it I don’teven know timewise but you want to lookfor the top of them to have like airholes in them and for the air holes nottoo close so if you just like keepwatching then you’ll start to see thathappen and that’s when you know you’reready to flip them over to the otherside that they keep their air coolhey what are you gonna use transparentmeanwhile what’s this one doing what areyou doing huh sue memmm wait so you don’t want the bubblesto close no not right awayso they’ll they’ll start easy to theirbubbles popping okay that’s okay they’rejust too liquidy at this point so sowhen the bubbles pop and then don’treseal basically yeah so like you’restarting to see the edges yeah yeah buteven in the middle you want that tohappen and so if you have your panty hotthat doesn’t happen right away but thenthe bottom starts to get too Brown soyou want to kind of find a goodtemperature and I noticed like this ismy first round of Pancakes I still havemore batter like the next time I do itthey’ll go quickeryep and so I might need to adjust thetemperature to be lower because the panhas overall gotten hotter because it’sbeen on the flame or the heat if your isan electric stovetop longer so then it’sjust harder right away so this is theboring part the hard part bit boringpart get keep watching but watching youdon’t want to yeah so usually what I’lldo is I like to multitask and I’ll startwashing some of the dishes but sure okayso now we’re starting to kind of getthere you see there yeah they’re closingmore slow drying up from the edges alittle bit drying up around the edges soso we’re getting it we’re makingprogress so now I think they’re ready soI’m just gonna slide underneath it Ohtrue you can have half cooked pancakesno that would be gross half cakesthey’re not pancakes there and partiallycakes and portionsmmm nothing so this second side is gonnacook a lot faster and so I just kind ofwait it out you kind of look at thesides if they’re nice and puffy to seewhether those are getting done becausesometimes even when you flip it overyou’ll still have semi raw pancakes andfor me it’s not an issue because theseare gluten-free and like you don’t haveany egg in there about that so if I’mreally impatient I won’t let them go aslong as they should but you should ifyou’re using egg so yes oh you thinkthey’re ready do you think they’re readyI don’t know perhaps so now I’ll takethem off[Music]pancakes well you just add more patterndo it again[Applause][Music]and carefully[Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Music]anything you wantblueberries yeah I would rather justhead jelly at the end of it yeah that’sgood yeah there’s anything else you wantto add I’m closing remarksno catchphrase to end it in round andround you up thank younow you have it well Mary you have ityeah[Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Music][Music]I’m singing keep gonna cut it later yeahso pay son don’t forget to cut this outright

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