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Making pancakes

You are going to have to make the batter first sry i did not make that clear.😁

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Video Transcription

I sorry it went off so this is part 2I’ve never got to say part 1 but boom Imix it a little bit because you don’twant to mix it that muchnow you’re gonna do black Oh whatevercolor you want all right I put black inso this is how it’s gonna turn outyou’re gonna stir and stir and stir tillall the color goes in see you galaxy ohsure I had white so there is your finalspeed but first we’re gonna put it it upyes yes yes Wow we’re gonna make apancake out of the waffle so my mom’sgonna do that but I’m gonna show how youdo it so get readyyou don’t need a stove so then you aregoing to put some spread on it so spreadit and you’re gonna put your pancakeyou’re gonna put your spread and thenyou’re gonna put your pancake mixthere that’s how it looks now you’regonna close it I know it so much andthen you’re gonna wait for a couple ofminutes so we’re still waiting on thatbut you can play any fruit I’m puttingstrawberry and yeah so this is alwaysready and we’re gonna show you what isgonna look like this okay okay that’shot so we’re gonna have new Sherry’s andthey’re fresh and look what we foundthat’s gross but my mom is over thereI’m not gonna show her because you knowbut I’m gonna have some strawberrieswith this is potato with meat and it’sdelicious so you should try it out I’llmaybe I’ll doing the video on that soyou can put syrup strawberries blah blahblah everything so yeah I’ll see youlaterthis is the final touch so we have thepotato meat thingy majiggy we have thetwo pancake waffles and somestrawberries I put some syrup and I hopethis turns out good for you so fine youpart twoyeah no yeah this is a party okay

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