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Making pancakes

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Video Transcription

[Music]so what’s up guys and welcome back to mychannelI really have to make cakes and flourknead flour here I’m gonna get my floorand now we have all ingredients exceptfor our dude so we’re gonna leaveinstruction Russia Papa’s oil and bearheatso guys we’re done with that and nowlet’s pork and our poor floor and itsmells like banana pudding while gonnabe done let’s finish it[Music]and there’s a lot there’s a lot of itbecause when we didn’t finish the wholeI’m helping her because she doesn’t know[Music]Suganya funny for 1/2[Music]how about you do it I have no eggs noone big on diggin[Music]everyone we’re doing a big mess[Music][Music]now now with the head[Music]I’m buzzed all by day[Applause]now we’re gonna pee in itoh my a chi is deeming the first stepbut we should do defrost that I’m stillmixing it satisfying it’s kind of thick[Music]just a yellow thing and there’s airbubbles I don’t want air bubbles in mypancake[Music]he told you I’ll yell over hereyeah my actions don’t you duh I smellslike banana because it’s banana pancakeappearance syrup[Music][Music][Music][Music]we’re going well go into the kitchenwell here in the kitchenI’m not Regina’s tell you not richpancakes pancakes yeah me beautiful yeahwell you know won’t you love I feelabout it’s hot turn on my blog gotta tryitWow I haven’t tried this so a bug backif I’m gonna flip it it’s ruined it Wowfirst Roy for Fred right not good likeit just joking I totally love give me Ilike I wonder well god I’d be bad fordogs with a hope so far we made a lotand I kind of like honk now we open itsyrup and subset that now Iwe don’t gotta cook up I had thisthe am kind of[Music]oh you want a salad barnow what done and thank you guys forwatchingI feel like show subscribe and clicknever forget your mouth to be part of myMaurice 5 and to be notified every ice Ipost a new video bye guysyou eat before it’s rose haha I thinkI’m gonna movehaha I’m going on my feetjust gonna eat it all alone well I’llhelp her cook it[Music]on the rock sitting still so so hotI think this is not this is enough[Music]

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